Dealing with the Digital Nation

We discuss  how technology is changing the lives of our children.   Our kids are growing up in a world where technology is natural and necessary to survive and thrive.  How is this changing our children’s brains, temperaments and learning styles.  Watch the entire PBS special at Digital Nation.

3 Replies to “Dealing with the Digital Nation”

  1. Thanks so much for putting this material out there. I think this is a major issue facing parents today. One thing that I would like to hear you folks address is how parents can balance setting rules on computer use with kids and enforcing boundaries.

    Some experts have advocated that parents should install tools to monitor their children’s email and web activity. Clearly there are some ethical and technical issues there, but I would really like to hear your group’s take on what we as parents should do behaviorally and technically to set and enforce proper boundaries with our kids while keeping appropriate trust and discipline.

  2. Matthew–great comment and something we really should discuss. I know one of our hosts has limited access in her home to media so that helps manage it. Another host does not allow any access in bedrooms or when kids are alone to help monitor things. I look at it this way: The Internet is like going to a different city where kids don’t know people and they are not familiar with the area. As a parent, I would never just drop my child off and say “See you in an hour” in a place they were not equipped to handle. The same is true with the internet–even though they feel equipped.

    We do also have a podcast on our sister show Babies and Moms: Birth and Beyond discussing how to keep your child’s identity safe on the Internet and it somewhat discusses this topic as well. See

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