Live the Life Weight Loss Highs and Lows Part 1

Losing weight is hard and sometimes we stop trying for reasons that may or may not be worth it.  Hear how to overcome stinkin thinkin and get back on track.  Stacey kindly shares her struggles and lets Kristi lead her in a Breakthrough.

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Look for Part 2–some incredible material is in Part 2 as well!

5 Replies to “Live the Life Weight Loss Highs and Lows Part 1”

  1. I am not a parent yet (very long wait to adopt from China) and have listened to your show for ahile now. I am on week 8 of Live the Life and am so happy with this program for more than the obvious reasons (I’ve lost 17 lbs, several inches, more energy, etc) but specifically re-training myself to eat healthy. I believe it will be a lot more effective way for me to incorporate healthy eatting for my child. Oh and by the way I recognize doing this plan is a lot easier for me than for people that have kids. Anyhow again I am so thankful you choose to address this topic on your show.

  2. That is SO Cool! 17 pounds is incredible! Share your tips for success! Live the Life is a change in lifestyle for everyone–kids or not and it takes some getting used to! What has made it easier for you?

  3. The accountability was the best trick for me. This keeps me from snacking or mindless eatting, as I don’t won’t to write it down,. I also add up the calories each day which is somewhat gratifying.. The goal setting I believe helped me too. I wanted to drop 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks so I looked up dimensions for size 6 for my end goal and worked backwards for weekly goals. Trish and Kristi advice to make sure you sweat in the 1st 5 min of cardio work out was beneficial to me as well b/c I was not pushing myself hard enough before this program. One last piece of advice I got from was to buy the proper running shoes. I was ready to give up running until I got the right shoes. The right ones were 1 1/2 larger than I was wearing before being fitted.

  4. I agree about the shoes–getting the right kind is key. It is worth it to pay to have a person in a running store help you. I am pronated and they make shoes for that type of running.

    Do you watch your heart rate?

  5. I do watch my heart rate on the tread mill and resting rate when whenever I’m grocery shopping. I’m glad to see you have a new podcast will be downloading that show today.

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