The Florida Report

Nancy and her family just returned from Florida. Hear about the trip and what everyone liked best.  There are tips to make your next trip enjoyable.  Also, see the video podcast of Alex at Disney YES and see Nancy’s other podcasts at

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  1. Hello,
    I loved listening to your pod cast regarding the Y.E.S. Program at Disney. We are going in February and you have convinced me to enroll my daughter in the American Story class. I didn’t realize that the entire family could get discounted tickets as well. What is the best means to get these…call or fill out the on line form? Do they charge the chaperone for class attendence? I am soooooooo excited and very happy I listened to your experience!
    Thanks so much!
    Linda Craig

  2. Linda–I did it online–I think it is the only way. When I did it, the program was just new and the interface was REALLY hokey. I was worried that it was a scam and I called Disney to ask. They apologized and said they were just getting things in place. When you schedule your class and your trip, they ask you questions like the child’s name and age, who is the chaperon, how many other family members will be attending, and so forth. I think you do pay a bit for the class–something like $30. But, the savings for the tickets is INCREDIBLE!! This is the only way to get 50% off Disney tickets AND you get an incredible experience too. It was truly the highlight of our trip. Please mention that you heard about it from us because they track where people learn about the program and we want them to know that we are spreading the news! You will love American Story. If you can, ask to have your daughter ring the bell! PS If you are thinking about doing the Park Hopper or adding the water parks, take a look at the ticket prices because then it becomes even a better deal. I think adding the Park Hopper and another day for comfort was like only $12 more. It gave us the flexibility to deal with issues that came up (like a tired 4 year old and a ready-to-go 9 year old and their different schedules). Have a wonderful trip.

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