Cyber Saving this Christmas

Learn the tricks we use to save $$ shopping on the internet for things like gift certificates

Check out

City Deals for 50-60 percent off gift certificates.  You can even purchase gift certificates for deals in other cities so if your family lives somewhere else, you can still take advantage of the deals.  Or if you are traveling, check the deals in the location you are going! has up to 80 Percent off deals.   Check them out for cities you will be traveling to on vacation too!

Pinching Your Pennies and the Screaming Penny: This email comes to your box filled with tons of deals.  Even though the Screaming Penny is supposed to be focused on the Western States, they show deals for internet sites.  Somebody there searches and finds the great deals each day (sometimes twice).  I got a Razar RipStick regularly $90 for $19.  Great deal just by checking my mail.  They also include City Deals and deals so you can see tons of deals at once!

The Frugal Girls: You can get email or check out their posts in Facebook.  They specialize in finding things that you can get for free.  Great resource. They post coupon deals too!

Friend your favorite stores on Facebook for exclusive coupons.  Lowes had 90% off coupons last weekend!

Check out Amazon Prime Shipping Free 2-Day Shipping on any order size for a month.  This is great for sending presents to family and friends everywhere–especially when you forget that Cousin Bob!

Check out more deals and ideas on the podcast.

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  1. Ladies, thanks for all the podcasts. I do not get to listen to them right when they are released but I do catch up on them. I have a step daughter who is 20 and a daughter who is 1 and a half. I am always amazed at you ladies and what you have, can and do accomplish. I like all the stories and appreciate all the advice.

    I really liked your idea of a mom’s group. I have just sent out an email to my friends to see who is interested in starting one. My friends consist of women who are single, engaged, married and married with children. Hopefully they will be interested.

    Thanks again and keep the podcast coming.


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