When Your Child has an Issue with a Teacher

We discuss what to do when you find that your child has some issue with a teacher–perceived or real and how to approach the teacher and deal with the situation.  As mothers of 14 school-aged children, we have had experiences that you can use to deal with questions that come up when dealing with your children and their teachers.

2 Replies to “When Your Child has an Issue with a Teacher”

  1. I am a high school math teacher and have been teaching for 13 years. I have been a mom for only a 1 and a half so I have not been part of the parent side you were talking about. I wanted to let you know that from a teacher’s point of view you were right on. If a parent comes in to a meeting accusing and taking the child’s side then it just puts the teacher on the defensive and nothing really gets solved. As a teacher I always want to work with the parents to help the children to be better students and better people overall. Thanks again for all the podcasts.


  2. Stephanie

    Thanks for the comments. It is wonderful to hear. And thanks for taking on Math as a teacher! We need more valiant people willing to teach and help our students!

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