Violent Video Games–Are they OK?

A new video came coming out in March portrays US cities such as Salt Lake City being blown up or taken over by a nuclear North Korea.  We discuss what video games do and don’t do for our kids and how we as parents need to respond to them.  We also discuss tools to help you find out more about the video games and other media your kids are interested in so you don’t have to play each game before determining its suitability.

2 Replies to “Violent Video Games–Are they OK?”

  1. Hi! i just started listening to your show and this subject really intrigued me because it made me realize something with my growing-up family and how wise my mother was (is). She believed that a child could learn twice as much if they experienced or saw or read about something than if a teacher just told them they had to memorize these things about it. So growing up, we cut cable and internet about when i turned 7 (I’m the oldest of 6). We never had video games because money was tight, but i remember how weird it was to not have the TV. My mom always jokes about how for two weeks after cutting cable, at about the same time our shows would have been on, we would all go in and sit on the couch and stare at the wall where the TV had been! We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. But slowly after those two weeks, we all suddenly had these interests in science and gardening and cooking etc, that we had never had because we were too glued to a TV. Now we are all older, listening to this podcast i realized that without TV and without the internet or video games, my two brothers are not only masculine, but they are kind and gentle in that manly sort of way. The description of Joseph, Christ’s father, of being a ‘kind and gentle’ man really makes me realize that not only do video games influence a child’s education and health, but also takes them further away from trying to become like Christ-kind, loving, gentle-and replaces it with the feeling that they need to be violent, aggressive and dominant.

  2. I am so glad you started listening. We don’t have cable either for the same reason. We do have TV but I limit it to 30 minutes a day. I do allow video games but they are all fun sports type games and my son is not allowed to play violent games at his friends’ houses. I told him that he can always use me as an excuse and say “My mom won’t let me” whenever he doesn’t want to do something. His friends know I don’t allow a lot but it helps him have a way out of sticky situations. My kids really love books and music because we don’t get to watch a lot of TV (I relax in the summer a bit). They also participate in sports and dance and play with friends. We really don’t have time for a lot of TV. If you have questions or ideas for shows, please let us know! Happy Listening!

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