Identifying Stress in Kids

Angela Bussio, best-selling author, stress expert and creator of Real Stress Solutions discusses what signs you should look for in your kids that show they are feeling stressed.  Angela provides great tips and guidance.  For more information from her, check out her website Real Stress Solutions.

One Reply to “Identifying Stress in Kids”

  1. Loved this show! I totally related to the part where Angela talked about kids becoming very compliant when they are stressed. I did this for a short time of high stress when I was entering high school. I was very worried that I couldn’t keep up academically and worried about the social part too. I remember my mom taking me to buy clothes for school and I let her pick out everything. I just didn’t care. I was too stressed about everything else to even try getting my way on the clothes selection. Thankfully my parents figured out I was stuggling, took me to a therapist for a short time who got me back on the right track. I wasn’t even sleeping at night, I’d just lay awake and worry. I recovered pretty quickly thanks to vigilant parents and a good therapist!

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