Raising Savvy Consumers of Media

Our kids are bombarded by media in all its forms.  We need to teach them to be savvy consumers of media so that they are not trapped in the false information given by TV, movies, internet, advertising, and so forth.  Shelly and Nancy talk about ways to do this successfully including ideas like:

  • creating commercials or short movies so kids can see that media is just created like any other fiction
  • talking back to/or about (during) shows that are not logical to help your child see the logical fallacies
  • allow your kids to look for information on shows (we like www.commonsensemedia.org for this purpose)
  • talking about how people don’t have unlimited lives like video game characters
  • teaching your child HOW to search the web by exposing your inner dialogue as you search and look at sites

For more great tips, listen to our show.

You can also check out www.commonsensemedia.org and http://www.pbs.org/parents/childrenandmedia/