Dark Side of Weight Loss

Losing weight can have a dark side and we discuss how losing over 100 pounds has had some consequences Nancy never intended.  How people relate to her and how she relates to herself are not what she expected them to be.  If you have lost weight and struggled to keep it off, listen because some of the answer to why might be in this discussion.

2 Replies to “Dark Side of Weight Loss”

  1. Hey ladies,

    Just listened to part of the podcast and had to comment. I, like Nancy, found a dark side to weight loss. Several years ago, I lost some weight through a popular weight loss program and I loved the way I physically felt and I loved going shopping and anything would fit! What I didn’t like was the different way people treated me, even people who would just be ringing me up at the grocery store. I felt like I people treated me better, I got better service in stores, people smiled at me more, etc. I also found I thought about food a lot more than I did when I was heavier. Long story short, I did gain my weight back and am now starting to lose some again just through exercise. But, I wholeheartedly agree with Nancy, there is a dark side to weight loss.

  2. I finished listening to the podcast and just wanted to say thank you for talking about being mentally prepared for changes in yourself and changes in the way that people respond to you. As I mentioned in a previous comment I had lost some weight, gained it back and I am in the process of losing it again. (Truth be told, I have really yo’yoed my whole life.) I have lost enough weight that people are starting to comment (again) about how I am getting “skinny”. One lady even told me how cute I was starting look, and I remember thinking “what, I wasn’t cute before?”.
    BUT, here is the difference for me this time around, I am not doing this for any other reason but because I want to live a more healthy lifestyle, this includes making smarter food choices, watching my portion sizes and exercising. The last time I lost weight, I did it strictly because I didn’t like the way I looked, I wanted to look a certain way and it wasn’t at the weight I was at. Now, I feel I have a more healthy self-esteem that isn’t linked to how I perceive myself or how others perceive me. I know my value as a person and that value isn’t a number on a scale or a clothes size. Just want to thank you ladies for tackling this issue because it does really boil down to how we value ourselves. I hope you do another podcast on these issues.

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