One Reply to “Shelly’s Big Surprise”

  1. So first, I’m shocked there aren’t any comments here! I was way behind in listening and started from most recent- heard Nancy ask Shelly about if she was feeling better, etc. and I was like what? what did I miss? I looked thru the podcast titles and was like omagosh! she IS prego, I totally have to listen to that one! I’m a birth junkie 😉 and then I also lol when Shelly recommended the Earth Mama Angel Baby products on the Best Of show before this one and emphatically said she was WAY beyond baby products! ha! (wondered if she really didn’t know then)

    Anyway, I am 19 years older than my youngest sibling (total is 9 of us). I was a freshman away at college when my mom called to tell me she was pregnant. I got to watch my sis be born and totally remember watching her grow up. Strangers assumed she was my child if we weren’t all out together. She was an aunt at only 4 years old. Can’t say we are “close” as we’ve never lived together, but now that she is 15 we have more in common. My mom didn’t have the large spacing in between kids like Shelly will, but still the age range of kids… just a note to let you know you aren’t the only one! Blessings, Jenn

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