Ladies Day Conquering the Back Mountain

LadiesDayNancyMy second day of Sundance Ladies Day started out SO wrong. In short, I found out we had purchased the wrong size ski poles for my son and was late because the school could not find my daughter for 20 minutes and then after rushing up the mountain to be on time,  I realized that I had forgotten our ski passes, lost my ID, credit cards and money. I burst into tears when I figured this out.

But, as always, Sundance took care of everything–their staff is superb.  I was able to get replacement passes, gather my whits and focus on a great day on the slopes.  My son’s pole issue was taken care of by his instructor (thank you!) and my stress was taken away when I shared my difficult morning with my instructor and fellow Ladies Day participants.  Nothing clears your mind like a 5 degree sunny morning on the lift and a quick warm up run down the mountain.

LadiesDayLindsayI was impressed to see how much I had remembered and how good it felt to ski.  I had been up on Saturday and maybe because it was crowded and maybe because I was skiing with my husband and wanted to keep up with him, I had not felt as confident.  Something about being with other women on a quiet run and in Linda’s capable teaching hands, relaxes me and makes it much easier for me to ski my best.  I even got to make First Tracks in one section of the mountain!  That is a treat.

BackMountainAs we worked on our issues and getting better at parallel skiing, we had a great time talking with each other, learning from each other and seeing each other’s progress.  That is one of the joys of Sundance Ladies Day–you don’t do it alone and working together, you learn more than you do by yourself.  For example, Lindsay was able to catch up to me and Rachel and she is skiing great on her second time on skis (she has snow boarded and nordic skied before).

Since we were all doing so well, Linda decided to take us to the new lift–Jake’s lift and then on to Flathead on the Back Mountain.  I have NEVER been to Back Mountain before.  But I was not worried at all.  I would have been freaked out if I had been with anyone else.  But, with my Ladies Day crew, I was very calm.  And boy, was I rewarded.  The day was the most beautiful day ever.  We had diamond dust falling as we looked across the beautiful scene of the Wasatch Mountains.  Stunning.  The sky was so blue and the mountains rose out of the mist of a slight fog.  WOW!

LadiesDayGroupLinda easily guided us down the mountain.  I had always thought that the Back Mountain meant all Black Diamonds, but there are ways for everyone to get down.  We took the Blue Square route and had a wonderful run down the mountain.  I am so proud of myself!  And I am not only getting down the mountain, I am skiing well.  I met my son on the mountain and he commented that I was looking good.  If you can impress your kids with your skiing, you are doing something right (you are either skiing well or you raised a kid who knows how to butter you up).

We ended the day on the mountain with a beautiful ski down the front of the mountain.  I found my inner peace on the mountain and I found my ID, credit card and money (in a pocket that I could not find when I was frenzied) and got the right sized poles for my son.  Sundance Ladies Day is an amazing experience!

(Note: Check out the frost on my hair in the first picture–it was COLD but amazing!)

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