Crunchy Ladies Day on the Mountain

IMG_0676  Day 3 of my 2013 Sundance Ladies Day was bitterly cold!  REALLY.  But the sky was bluebird blue and the air was clear.  This winter, that is a huge plus since the air in the valley has been very unhealthy.

IMG_0673One of the best things about Sundance Ladies Day is that you can bring your kids and they can take ski lessons for only $120.  The lessons are semi-private, but most of my childrens’ lessons were one-on-one.  We have participated in other Sundance Ski School lessons and I find that these are the best ones.  Check out these happy smiles!

IMG_0672Another thing that is great about Sundance Ladies Day is the opportunity to ski and meet with other women.   First thing in the morning, we gather together and chat as we get ready to ski.  I have met some great women and made some new friendships.

On to my lessons: The snow was reminiscent of last season when the snow was icy and crunchy.  A lot of my old habits began to appear.  I was tense and struggled to learn the nw skills.  But Linda is such a good teacher that she helped me over the hump.  Not everyday is going to be easy and Linda was able to fine tune her teaching to help me.  We spent the lesson learning how to get our bodies into the C shape needed to ski correctly and getting the parallel turns correct.

IMG_0680Again, Linda took me to places that I have never been on the mountain!  We had so much fun trying new places and working on our skills.  Even though the day was COLD, the scenery is amazing so it was totally enjoyable.

Additionally, something I really cherish about my Sundance Ladies Day classes is how much space there is on the mountains.  We practically have the mountain to ourselves.  I get angry on the weekends when I have to share the mountain with others.  Check out this video of us doing a first run of the day.  Not my best skiing (blame it on the ice), but not too bad for a beginner.  First Pass of the Day

Thanks to Linda, I was able to get past some of my bad habits from last season and get better at skiing on not-so-perfect snow.