Reaching the Top

TopThe Last Day of my 2013 Sundance Ladies Day  classes was everything I could have hoped for.  Utah was caught in a crazy snowstorm and my husband did not want me to go up the mountain.  But how could I miss out on fresh powder?  I checked the road conditions in the canyon and got a call from someone who had already reached Sundance and knew the roads were better in the canyon than in town so I went for it.

The kids and I crept up canyon.  It took us twice as long to get there–but I cannot complain because that is all of 30 minutes.  When we reach Sundance, the sky is almost clear and everything seems perfect.  I realize that we have forgotten my helmet and goggles. I know it will be snowing up top so they are a must.  At the Sundance Outfitters, I am quickly helped by a rental helmet and a generous 40% off on a pair of goggles (didn’t know I needed new ones, but Hey–can’t miss this day).

Problem solved we head to Ski School.  The kids quickly find their instructors and head out happy for a day of skiing.  Lindsay has brought her daughter for her first downhill ski lesson.  Her daughter has skied cross country, but never downhill.  As always, Sundance is ready for anything and has an instructor waiting for her.

Our first activity is to try out the pole plant.  Linda is a bit worried that we are not ready, but she is such a great teacher that we quickly get a handle on it (or at least a basic understanding of what we are supposed to do–I don’t get it each time but I can see how it is helpful).

With the first lesson of the day under our belt, we decide that we had better tackle the top of the mountain today.  When I started Sundance Ladies Day this year, I thought MAYBE we would get to the top, but I wasn’t sure that I would be ready.  I find myself totally excited and ready to do it.  Something about being with Linda, one of the great instructors, and with other ladies makes it seem natural.

TopNancyLindsayRachelWe head up to find that the storm brewing in the valley is also at the top of the mountain.  So there is no clear view of the valleys below.  But here is the proof that we made it to the top!  I am so excited that I made it there.  It is my first time EVER making it to this point.  But now, we have to ski down (and remember that pole plant technique too!).  I was a bit nervous and I think all of us were a bit unsure since we could not see too many feet in front of us with the blowing snow, but we trusted Linda and headed out.

Amy’s Ridge is beautiful even in a snowstorm and so easy to ski.  LOVED IT!  I even got some pole planting done.  The powder snow was amazing! Wow is all I can say.  I had often thought people who ski are sadistic–who would want to hurdle themselves down a mountain on slippery wooden planks?  Now I get it.  So much fun!

On our way down, I am able to practice pole planting and also a bit of deep powder skiing.  On one of the runs (Roundabout), we get into some deep stuff.  I took two spills, but thanks to my protection pants, nothing hurts.  I love these pants created by Demon Sports.  Check out my post about equipment here.   I don’t fear falling anymore and I am even able to get up myself so I have made great progress since last year.

We are able to get in another fabulous run on Jake’s Lift and even though I still have tons of things to work on, skiing is getting to be just fun and exhilarating.  We are   doing more straight down the hill skiing and feeling how to control our speed and have fun with the turns. We are also able to see Lindsay’s daughter skiing down the first stop and even jumping on her skis for us.  She has learned to ski in one lesson!  She is as cool as her mommy!

LindaNancyI can’t tell you how sad I am that next week, I don’t have a lesson.  I can’t take in February or I would.  I will be back in March because it is so much fun.  I have loved Sundance Ladies Day this year even more than last year and can see why ladies come back year after year and bring their friends.  I have two other friends who will be coming in March and Rachel and Lindsay have sworn that they are coming too!  So, start in February and then join us in March!  We would love to see you on the mountain!

For more information on my experience this year and last, check out my Sundance Ladies Day  page.