Ladies Day Spring Ski Lessons

Spring skiing in Utah is interesting.  Last week, it was still cold and then almost overnight, the temperature rose by 25 degrees and things began to change.  I was a bit hesitant to take Sundance Ladies Day in March, but I had such a BLAST in January and could not take it in February that I had to take a chance.  This is the first time Sudance has offered Ladies Day in March in years.

I was having one of THOSE days where it would have been safer to lock me in a padded room than put me on skis, but I did not want to miss out on the learning and the comradery.  Seeing Lindsay and Linda started to change my attitude, but I had the jitters really bad.  I had gone skiing on Monday afternoon and it was no good.  It had rained and then iced over and I was not happy–after three runs, I gathered up the kids and left.  We all crawled into bed when we got home.

Monday’s experience was still fresh in my brain  but the snow today was actually great! We started class by skiing up to the First Stop (I found out today that people in the know call that Mid Mountain).  We showed our ski skills to the instructors and were divided up into groups by ability.  Lindsay and I have now officially made it to the Intermediate group and were so happy to have Linda be our instructor again.

Lindsay and I have been skiing a few times together since January and she got a really NICE set of skis.  Last Saturday, I could tell that she was no longer a beginner and had some real style to her skiing. Her years of snowboarding are now transitioning to ski knowledge.

Linda took us straight up to the Back Mountain–the Top.  We started working more on carving.  Linda calls it directional skiing.  Lindsay got it right off but I was having issues.  Like I said–Padded Room. So, it was my turn to get ALL the attention during the lesson (sorry Lindsay).

Linda pulled out all the tricks teaching skiing for years gives you to help me get myself back on track without any frustration or judgement.  That is what I so LOVE about Ladies Day–you get help right where you are at specific to the things you need to work on and you don’t feel dumb if you struggle.  January was Lindsay’s learning curve and this lesson seems to be mine.

Since temperatures were a bit warmer, I decided not to wear my Demon Flexforce X D3O Women’s Long Pants (my crash pants I call them).  But I wish I had worn them because I did take a tumble and slid down the mountain about 100 feet.  Nothing badly bruised except my ego.  But, the Demon pants would have provided the padding to make it easier (remember that Padded Room–I should have taken it with me).

By the end of the day, I think I got the hang of carving.  I do have to get different skis though because the ones I have are NOT made for carving and I believe in the right equipment.  Thank goodness Sundance Ladies Day has a deal that if you bring two friends, each person will get high performance rentals for FREE!  I will be taking advantage of that next week.  What a deal!

Just in case you did the math, I have another friend, Ashlee, who is doing Ladies Day on Tuesday (that makes my 2 friends this time).  She had a wonderful experience Tuesday and is loving Sundance Ladies Day as well.

Next year, I have more friends who want to ski.  Come join us.  It is an amazing experience.

FYI:  If you want to know about ski totals in Utah, check out