Running when Pregnant

Runner Julie Thomas discusses how things change when you are pregnant and if you can keep running.  She is the mom of 6 children and trained for marathons while pregnant.  Shelly, our Zumba instructor co-hosts asks all her questions about how to run when pregnant.

2 Replies to “Running when Pregnant”

  1. I just started running again the week before Christmas and then last week found out I’m pregnant. I really wanted to run 3 5Ks this year one starting the end of May. Any advice if I work up slowly to it??? Help! I’m so sad about the possibility of having to quit when I just started!

  2. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t run. But talk to your doctor first. If you were active before, it may be OK but make sure your doctor knows you plans. And remember that in May, you will be 6 months along. All the best!

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