Recovering from a Schedule Buster

Sometimes well-meaning family members come into town and upset our fine-crafted schedules.  We want to spend time with them because they are not with us everyday.  But the aftermath can last long after they return home.  Learn how to keep your kids on a schedule even when family come into town and how to get them back to normal after family have left.

One Reply to “Recovering from a Schedule Buster”

  1. Oh my! I am so glad that I am not alone. I am a planner and I come from a family of planners. My mom has anxiety and OCD and my dad seriously plans everything. Whenever they visit it is fine. But my in laws are so not planners! Drives me up a wall! My SIL called once and said “We will be by in 10 minutes to see the girls”. They were 1ish and 3 at the time and were in the bath at the time. When they arrived, I had my PJs and theirs on. I was holding them, they said hi and went to bed and I kicked them out of my house. I never feel bad telling family, strangers no if it is going to cause too much stress. My kids’ and my own sanity is more important.

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