Thanksgiving and Christmas: Expressing Gratitude and Love

20141111_090326 We discuss ways to teach children gratitude and love this holiday season through small acts.  Starting in November and going in to December, these tips help teach kids how to focus on gratitude and family instead of on what your kids are “getting this Christmas.”

Starting in November:

  1. Start a Wall of Thanks or a Thankfulness Chain.  You can leave the Wall of Thanks up during after Thanksgiving and add to it as you go into the holidays.  Or, you can create a chain of thoughts of things you are thankful for.  This chain could be added to your Christmas Tree.  Let kids write as many things they are thankful for.
  2. Plan some acts of service for others.  Make it something your kids can participate in.  Maybe your elderly neighbors need some help with their leaves or there is a place for the homeless where you can bring some gently used clothes. Starting in November gives you a chance to start the holiday season off right.
  3. Contact a local shelter or crisis center and ask what they might need for kids and if they accept gently used items.  Help you kids decide which toys or stuffed animals they can part with.  Help them clean the toys and prepare them for drop off.