2015 Day 1: Getting Back on The Mountain

AnNaThis year, I convinced several friends who haven’t skied for years (and decades) to get back into skiing.  If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE Ladies Day.  These women had skied with husbands and boyfriends and some with other women, but that was YEARS ago and they had never experienced the comradery of working on a skill with other women.  There isn’t a feeling like this.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my husband and my kids, but skiing in Ladies Day is my time to focus on me and what I can do and spend time with my friends while doing it. And besides, look at the INCREDIBLE view we have.

There is no competition and no frustration.  We all are working together to improve ourselves and we celebrate the successes of the women we ski with.  There really isn’t anything like it.  Today was no exception!  With my band of Merry Friends, we headed up to Sundance for a wonderful experience.  The day did not disappoint!

This year, I’m in Kipper’s class (my dream instructor) with my friend Andrea who learned to ski LAST year (this is my 4th year and she is in the same class–can you say someone is an over-achiever) along with Emily (I met her through her husband who bought skis from me) and my friend Lindsay (who had to postpone today because of a sick kiddo).  We met some other great ladies in our group and had a wonderful ski day.  It was a time to remember all those skills I have learned before and work on my form.  I was pleased that this was the first year, I don’t feel like the worst in my class.  Practice makes you better (not perfect).

One of the nice things about skiing with other women, is you can express how you feel.  All of us had some level of terror about being up on the mountain again. It is a safe place to express that fear and get support.  We all had things to work on and fears to overcome.  Since I have been up several times before Ladies Day, I was probably the most comfortable of the bunch.  That felt good because I could concentrate on having a good time while learning.

I also convinced my neighbor Chandani who has never skied before to ski with us.  She came today and started.  It was a bunny hill day for her but she is ready for another lesson! Seeing all of us having such a good time convinced my friend Shannon who was kind of on the fence to start too!  Since she was there dropping of her girls, she has decided to come on Thursday to catch up to Chandani!  Two Never Evers this year!  WHOOOO HOOOO!

Even though the snow was not perfect and there were a few rocks showing through, Ladies Day was fabulous and warm and wonderful!  I look forward to next week. If you are thinking about coming up, all I can say is that it is the best thing to do to help your skiing!


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