Technology To Help Find Lost Kids

We talk to Spencer Behrend, Founder and CEO if KiLife about upcoming technology he and his wife envisioned after losing their child during a parade.  Kiband is more than bluetooth tag for your child.  It uses smart alerts to let you and your child know when your child has moved away from your zone of comfort and allows your child to learn to stay in the zone.  It also has advanced features to warn you if your child enters the water.  This product is so evolutionary that we had to talk about it even though it isn’t even out in the market yet.   We want you to learn about it so you can be prepared when this great product is released.

Listen to Spencer and learn about the Kiband and how to develop an idea you have into a product. If you have ever had an idea and thought, “If I could find that product, I would buy it,” you may have a new product in the making.