Success in Weight Loss–It’s All In Your Head

Tricia and Nancy discuss how to lose weight.  Both women have lost large amounts of weight (70+105 pounds) and have changed their lives.  Tricia is currently in the midst of her weight loss journey and is changing her life (70 pounds and going strong).  She shares the reasons for her success and she and Nancy talk about what is most important when you decide to change your body and change your life. Nancy shares her journey to lose 105 pounds and her journey back to lose the 30 pounds she gained after surgery and recovery.

3 Replies to “Success in Weight Loss–It’s All In Your Head”

  1. Very inspirational podcast! Am I missing the link to the Christian based 12 step program you mentioned though? I’d really like to check it out. Thanks

  2. Hi, just looking for the link to the 12 step program you all mentioned. If I’m overlooking it, please direct me to the right place. Thanks!

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