Avoiding Toxic Relationships

Jordin Corlett, founder of Boundaries of Love, discusses the warning signs of toxic relationships and how to avoid them.  We also discuss how to talk to your young adult children about toxic relationships.  Even if you are in a great relationship, this discussion helps you prepare for the discussion you might have to have with a child or friend.

2 Replies to “Avoiding Toxic Relationships”

  1. Great podcast! I’ve enjoyed listening to these and have learned a lot.

    I wanted to comment on this one, though — I think the relationship described by the guest in the podcast was one I would define as abusive — he was exerting control and trying to be in control of her. I think asking how our children (it seems it was assumed daughters) can avoid “toxic/abusive” relationships is only 1/2 the issue. We have to ask how our children (sons and daughters) can not be the aggressor, too. In protecting our children from abuse we need to make sure our language doesn’t end up putting blame on the victim for being abused.

    Keep up the great podcast! Love it!

  2. I agree 100% with you. We need to do a podcast on how to keep our kids from becoming aggressive. Thanks for the idea.

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