Chicks On Stick–Get Ready

TNMW8512 - Version 2If you haven’t check it out yet, I was recently a guest blogger on the Sundance blog. It was an honor to write about our Chicks on Sticks group.  If you live in Utah and have considered skiing or ski but want to up your ski game, consider skiing with us at Sundance Ladies Day. Several of our past skiers are coming back and we have roped several new ladies into our group.

Don’t worry about what level of skier you are.  There are instructors for each level.  If you are a Never Ever (never skied), you will have your own instructor or be in a very small group so you get maximum assistance.  If you are an intermediate skier, you will probably be with me.  And if you are a Black Diamond Babe and want to learn how to shred better, you will be with your own instructor (there are 2-3 Black Diamond Babes who come to Ladies Day each year–they are not in our group but we love watching them ski).

Want to learn more about what Ladies Day is like?  There are several posts on my Sundance Ladies Day page. These posts walk through my evolution from Never Ever to Intermediate. They also document the fun we have together.

This year, we are going to ski on Thursdays in January.  If you can’t ski with us, there are other classes in February and March.  However, this year, Sundance will only have classes on Thursdays.  We need to get more ladies out there skiing and help the program grow. I am pretty sure our group makes up a large percentage of the participants.

Interested in learning more? Contact me directly at and I’ll let you know how to join Chicks on Sticks.

Hope to see you on the slopes!


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