59 inches and Counting

10445499_10153705257567597_4471772102934270553_nThis winter is blessing Sundance. The #prayforsnow campaign is working!  In the past few days, almost 5 feet of snow has fallen.  Ladies–we can’t miss this epic season!  Come and ski with me!

We are going to ski on Thursdays and it will be AMAZING! My first year of skiing, I learned on ice. So if you have ever wanted to learn, this is the year. Don’t let all the snow deter you!  They groom for those of us who are Groomer Girls.  And on Thursdays, we have the mountain to ourselves so no crazy teens to bug us.

And if you wanCECE76758AC204C97ED8648C50AEF1439D3FACCCB845C590D6pimgpsh_fullsize_distrt to learn powder skiing, this is your year.  It is going to be wonderful and when we fall, it won’t hurt!  I may have to purchase some powder skis and a snorkel!

Contact me at nancy@babiesandmomsradio.com and join us!