Social Media and College Applications

Admissions offices are now checking your child’s social media accounts when they apply for college.  But before you think of this as a negative, it can actually be a positive.  Right now is the time to create your child’s brand.

According to TeenSafe:
What might be surprising is that you don’t have to rush online to start scrubbing your teenager’s Instagram feed, lest colleges find a trove of pictorial tomfoolery. “The fact is, colleges and employers simply don’t care if they find pictures of you having fun (or too much fun) on the Internet,” say the social media consultants at Social Assurity. “But, increasingly, they do care that the claims on your application reflect the realities of who you truly are.”

Melissa Davis is the CEO of GoEnnounce, which teaches students in grades 7 to 12 the importance of creating a positive digital footprint for college readiness. “Admissions aren’t searching strictly to police students, they are also searching for things that validate and confirm what a student is putting on a college application,” she says.

Make sure that your child’s social media feed includes activities that back up what they put on their admissions form.  And use that space to sell them as a great candidate.

Check out the article on TeenSafe and our discussion for more details.