Why Did I NOT Do Squats?

Today was day one of Ladies Day 2017 at Sundance Resort.  The drive up was a bit hairy as it snowed all night but at least half of the ladies scheduled for Ladies Day made it.  We had a huge group!  Of course, we were divided by ability but since today was the first day I have skied, I know my form was not good.  Oh Well.   

Sundance has been blessed by the snow gods for the past few days and has a 60 inch base with 22 inches of new powder since yesterday.  I am NOT a powder skier yet.  I freak out when I can’t see my skis and I hate skiing through the messed up crud left behind by the guys who love it.

But, today, that was the lay of the land (or the mountain).  So, I embraced it.  And I did fine.  So did the six other women in my group.  A couple of them were from my group last year (Hi Stephanie and Kara!) and I made four new friends while we plunged ourselves into the powder! As always, we had an excellent instructor–Hi Sadie!

As I talked to the ladies I was skiing with, I was struck (as I always am–you think I would get used to this) by how similar our stories are.  These women have either learned to ski recently to be with their kids or are returning to skiing after their kids are all in the able-to-ski age range.  April came back to skiing after her youngest turned 10 (6 kids, ladies).  She did not want to be the only one left home!  I get that.  It is why I started skiing too.

There really isn’t anything like skiing with women.  Don’t tell my kids, but I actually prefer it because there is no competition and we all have the same fears and issues–things like worrying about getting off the lift or being afraid to try the powder (yea that was me).  But doing it together helps.  We support each other and make it OK to be nervous.  No male intimidation factor.  And besides, instead of saying that we need to point our belt buckle down the mountain to remember to keep our upper body still, we can say “point your boobs down the mountain” and laugh about it.  Those are some good friends and some good times.

But I have to ask myself: What Were You Thinking?  Six weeks ago, I thought I should start doing some more lower leg work.  And did I do it?  No.  I got a raging cold and laid around.  It took everything in me to drag myself through two birthdays, Thanksgiving, and family visiting so I ignored the voice telling me I would be sore on that first day.  Today, I paid the price.  Ouch!  My quads burn (which means I did not ski into my boot–I can hear Sadie in my head telling me that my quads will burn if I sit back too far on the skis).  And . . .I got a cramp in my buttocks.  No joke.  I am sure you feel sorry for me now!

So for a first day with fresh powder, weak quads and first-time fears, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I can see squats in my future this week AFTER I can walk again.