Mothering Ourselves on Mother’s Day

Dr. Andie discusses the actual roots of Mother’s Day and how we can recapture its essence and have a wonderful day ourselves by taking care of ourselves.  Dr. Andie is the author of More than Saying I Love You.  This show is just what you need to make Mother’s Day great for yourself.

This book is so good, we had to post this podcast again! Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day

2 Replies to “Mothering Ourselves on Mother’s Day”

  1. Loved this podcast, Nancy I’m in the same boat as you are with a husband who has NO CLUE that it’s important for him to step up on Mothers Day and make it special (or birthdays or anniversaries or any other special day for that matter). I’m so glad you talked about this because I had a serious pity party for myself this morning then listened to this podcast and at least didn’t feel so alone. And everything else that was covered, so helpful. Thanks again guys, for nailing it on the head.

  2. Some men are really clueless. I wanted him to get up and take care of the kids so I could have a leisurely Sunday to get ready for church–I got 20 minutes (I had told him Saturday). The strange thing is that when I went to church, the talks were on Mother’s Day, but I kept hearing the words “Forgive.” The songs we sang had words of forgiveness and one of the talks had words about forgiveness in them. So I tried not to be angry. Later, when I was not mad, I told him how I felt in simple words. I know he loves me, but he just doesn’t see what he is doing–or not doing.

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