Prepping for Paradise

Look for some fun info on Nancy’s trip to Hawaii.  Just a few notes:

  • I am trying desperately to get prepared to trying to surf.  Check out the latest YouTube lesson I’m watching constantly
  • If you are thinking about going to Paradise, think about renting a house.  Not any more expensive and much more room.
  • Think about areas not trafficked by tourists.  We are heading to the North Shore.
  • Keep ages and needs in mind when planning.  This is my mom’s 80th birthday and she needs shade at the beach.  We are trying this at the beach.
  • Thing outside the timeframe.  We found that checking schedules tells you a lot about when to go and when not to go.  Some places may be closed on certain days and others may be better to visit at low tourist times.  We shall see and report back.

Can’t wait to share pictures and more!