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We are moms who are on a mission to help other moms.  We know mothering is a very hard but immeasurably rewarding calling so we want to share our knowledge and experience as well as bring you experts who actually have advice that helps!

The MOM Podcast (Moms On a Mission) is our second podcast.  We started broadcasting Babies and Moms: Birth and Beyond in January 2007 and have broadcasted weekly since then!  We have been syndicated on Internet talk/podcast stations as well as on other private paid networks.   We started the MOM Podcast because our kids are growing up and we want to stay current with our own children.

We discuss topics that are facing you as a mom. The information and the ideas are current.  We search out the best information and products and test everything we do before we share it with you.

Because we have the connections with national experts, we can ask them your questions.  Want to discuss your child’s homework issue with an expert?  Send us your question and we will find an expert to answer it!

We really are there for you–friends you can count on!  Over a million downloads and listeners to our podcasts from all over the world can’t be wrong!  Join Us!

 NancyNancy: Nancy is mom to a boy and a girl. She is founder of Sign Babies and author of the award-winning book Baby Signing 1, 2, 3: The Easy-to-Use Illustrated Guide to Every Age and Every Stage and the board book  More Please. Nancy loves being a mom. She loves finding the best solutions for moms and often calls her friends when she needs some info! She is the creator of The MOM Podcast and Babies and Moms: Birth and Beyond!

shelly2Shelly: Shelly’s first children were twin girls. She now has seven children ages 22 to 2. She is a no-nonsense Southern woman who has learned to find joy in motherhood… and humor in just about everything. She can stretch a dollar, grow a tomato, play the guitar, shake her bootie as she teaches Zumba and make the best biscuits any side of the Mississippi. Her husband loves her for her brilliant mind.

triciaTricia: Tricia is mom to 4 kids ranging in age from 11-3.  She is the neighbor you go to when you need to find a local resource because she always knows where you can find something.  She loves music and teaches voice and piano lessons.  As well as being excellent at music, Tricia loves to spread the good news about cleaning without chemicals and is a Norwex consultant.

Stacey: Stacey is mom to nine kids ranging from 22 to 4 months.  Stacey loves theater and singing and has been in several productions and performs with her family’s folk band on a regular basis. Stacey is trying to simplify her life this year by keeping her kids’ activities down and spending more time with each other.  Check out her blog at www.findingthejoyinmotherhood.blogspot.com.

CONTACT US: info@babiesandmomsradio.com

5 Replies to “About The Show and Hosts”

  1. Hi.

    I am writing to comment on the weight loss issue. I got the best results using a Richard Simmons thing called “deal a meal.” That was in the 80’s. Now it is a pocket-sized plastic case that you keep with you throughout the day. Every time you eat a serving of a food group, you slide the little plastic door closed on that serving. I have never met Mr. Simmons, but I have e-mailed to thank him. When all is said and done, you learn to live without eating anything at all that is packaged in a “crinkly bag.” That is to say, the things you eat are not very far removed from the way they looked before they were processed. Exercises that can be done in one place that are continuous and involve your whole self are more helpful. Any modern dance floor work video would do. By “modern,” I mean icons like Merce Cunningham.
    Good Luck!

  2. Hi –

    I just listened to your podcast episode about Babies and their cries. I am 27, and pregnant with my first child due October 9th. I was listening, and then at the end you threw me for a complete loop. You said “don’t do Babywise,” and that this particular topic could be an entire episode? Help?!?! Why?!?! I am a dance instructor and one of my clients/student’s mothers SWEARS by Baby Wise. She bought me the book, and I trust and value her opinion. Her children are also two of my best behaved well-rounded students.

    That being said, I’ve grown to love and appreciate your podcasts. So now, as you can see I’m super confused! Can you please enlighten me? Can you make the BabyWise podcast episode now before my baby comes? Haha! Thank you!!


    Christy Smith

  3. Thanks! We love that you wrote in! I think Shelly who commented on that right? Let me see what she does not approve of it.

    Here is an article that might answer your questions in the mean time http://www.babysleepsite.com/tag/babywise-method/

    I am a believer in schedule so I would TEND to lean toward that aspect of Baby Wise. What I think Shelly was trying to say is that if you listen to your baby he or she will tell you their own rhythm. As soon as I could, I got my kids on sleep schedules to save my sanity. But, if my daughter slept longer, I never woke her up—she needed it. But, my son was a crack-of-dawn waker and I taught him how to tell time before age 2 so I would not have to wake up at 5 am. I told him that he could stay in his crib and do what he liked until the clock said 7:00. I know of other mothers who did that to save themselves from the craziness of early risers.

    My daughter always loved naps, but my son would start to fight them from time to time so we had a schedule for naps that I never broke and we had a routine around going to bed. It wasn’t strict, but it helped him because he needed to have a routine to settle down. My daughter did not need that so we were more lax with her routine. We were even laughing the other day because I can still recite the books that we had to read to my son as a baby and he is almost 12 now—that is how set his routine was. My daughter had never even heard those books.

    So, I guess what I am saying is that structure is important and really helps kids to know what they are doing and what to expect. Parents who drag their kids all around at crazy times and never let them get into a routine are setting themselves up for tantrums. BUT that being said, if you listen to your child, he or she will tell you when they are hungry, when they need to sleep (even my nap-hating son would sign SLEEP when he was tired) and when they want to play. That helps them know that their needs will be met and that they are valued. And second, sleep is very under-rated in our society. Sleeptime should be protected because that is your baby’s time to grow and assimilate all the things he or she is learning during the day. They need that time even if they don’t realize it.

    You are right that we need to do a topic on this. I will send Shelly an email and see if she responds back. She is in the middle of wedding things though so it may not be a great time.

    Any other topics you want to hear about?

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