Sundance Ladies Day

No Experience to Fun in One Season and Skiing Well in Two and Even Better in Three and EPIC in Four and Five

This page chronicles the story of Nancy and her quest to learn to ski after the age of 40. She lives near the Sundance Resort and attended Ladies Day, a 4-week course specifically for women.  Check out Nancy’s experience learning to ski.

To learn how I started skiing, read below.  For the first 2016 Post, click here. I hope you will join us and have fun learning to ski and claiming your power!

Desert Rat

When I was growing up in Las Vegas, I never thought I would ski.  It was the domain of rich kids whose parents took them to locations like Vail or Tahoe for winter vacations.  I was a desert rat and only once did we have enough snow to build a snowman (everything closed for days since no one knew what to do with the snow).

Fast forward decades and I live in Utah married to a skier and having kids who ski.   I still never thought I would ski.  I was older and fat and out of shape so I still qualified to be in the hot chocolate crowd at the resort fireplace instead of on the slopes.  I do have a thing for speed and am a bit of a risk taker and loved downhill mountain biking before the kids were born (and the massive weight gain that followed). But skiing still seemed to be WAY too much for me to learn after 40.

Determined that my kids would not suffer the same hot chocolate fate as me, I signed my first child up for lessons at the tender age of 4. He was a natural and told his teacher that he had learned to ski on Camp Lazlo–Pizza French Fry Pizza French Fry).  From the first day, he skied down the mountain!  I was so proud.

While waiting for my child prodigy who I envisioned skiing at the 2020 Olympics, Linda Hale, Sundance Ski School director asked me why I wasn’t skiing too.  I thought that my less than athletic physic was a tell-tale sign why I was not taking skiing lessons.  Linda laughed and said that if I wanted to learn to ski, my weight was not going to stop me.  She said that she had taught many women over the years at the Sundance Ladies Day classes and that some women were in shape and others were not.  It did not matter.

Each year after that, when I signed up my son for skiing lessons, Linda would try to convince me to take Ladies Day.  Another friend of mine, also on the plumper side of life, decided that she wanted to learn to ski and took Sundance Ladies Day classes.  She fell in love with skiing.  She took her kids, had fun and proved that Linda was right! I was a bit jealous when I saw her adrenaline smile at Costco after a glorious day on the slopes.

January 2012: 40 Year + First Time Skier Takes to the Slopes

So, I decided I would try when my youngest started ski school.  I had been working on getting physically fit and I decided that it would be a great mother-daughter bonding experience to learn to ski together.  No more hot chocolate detail for me!

Some might call me adventurous, others might think me crazy, but I signed up for Ladies Day in 2012–the worst snow season in years. This is the story of how I went from hot chocolate in the lodge to hot mama on the slopes thanks to the great instructors at Sundance Ladies Day.

Click the links below to see how my lessons went!

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Season 3: Coming Back for More and Bringing Friends Along

More information about my journey with Sundance Ladies Day and learning to ski.

Season 4: Feeling More Comfortable and Bringing Newbies

Season 5: EPIC

Season 6: Our Biggest Group Yet

9 Replies to “Sundance Ladies Day”

  1. hi Nancy,
    I’ve just found your page about Sundance Ladies Day. It’s very interesting to read the views of a woman who didn’t start skiing until she was 40 (same age as me). Sounds like you had a great time! I envy you living close to a resort that has a weekly women’s program.
    I’m going to add a link to this from my website, It will be from the Sundance page as you have specific experience of the Ladies Day there. I’ll probably add it to the page called ‘It’s just different’ too – personal experiences are so encouraging to others.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I LOVE skiing and have really embraced this sport. We have fun as a family and enjoy it so much. I will take a look at your site and thanks for the link.

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