Changing the Community

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 6.22.24 AMMindy Gleason, a mother not afraid to open her mouth and speak for change, discusses how she is making a difference for children in her community and how you can find the courage to make a change in your neighborhood or city.

Mindy is the mother of two amazing girls.  Her oldest, Presley, has a rare disease causing her to be in a wheelchair and on a ventilator.  Presley is incredibly social and loves to be with her friends. Because of her issues, Presley has a hard time finding parks where she can play.   She is always stopped by wood chips and park barriers.

Mindy was inspired to approach the City of Orem and ask for changes at a local park, but the park idea has gone much further.  Now the City of Orem is building an All-Abilities park where children of all abilities can play together.  Listen to Mindy’s story of triumph and her advice on how to make something happen in your community

static1.squarespace.comLearn more about the All-Together Playground and how you can donate to this amazing cause.

The Power of Connected Moms

Chrysula Winegar, community manager of the Million Moms Challenge, author, blogger, and mother of four discusses the power that moms can have when they wake up and understand their power to do good in the world.

Learn more about Chrysula at  Her blog on how mothers who wake to their calling to help the world is located at  To learn more about the Million Moms Challenge, check . To find the Power of Moms website, go to

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