What That Cry Means

Understanding your baby can be as simple as interpreting his cries.  From Nancy’s book, Baby Signing 1, 2, 3, Shelly read about Priscilla Dunstan and her ability to interpret baby cries to understand what it is that babies need.  After testing her baby language theory on more than 1,000 infants around the world, Priscilla says there are five words that all babies 0–3 months old say—regardless of race and culture;

  • Neh=”I’m hungry”
  • Owh=”I’m sleepy”
  • Heh=”I’m experiencing discomfort”
  • Eair=”I have lower gas”
  • Eh=”I need to burp”

Learn to listen to baby talk in this video footage here>.

Smart Phone Apps We Love

We discuss the smart phone apps we can’t live without and how they make our lives as moms easier.

Note: We love My Job Chart for its ease of use and now that there is an app, it is even better! Check it out! Now you and your kids have your job charts wherever you have your phone.

Preparing a Child for Surgery

When your child has to have surgery, how can you prepare them so it is less stressful for them and YOU! We talk about what to do before the day of surgery and what not to do as well as how to make the transition easier.

Additional Information:  Here is an article Shelly found about how one doctor helps children deal with pain during surgery.  It shows what doctors can do when they approach children with pain management techniques.  http://commonhealth.wbur.org/2012/09/doctor-says-it-wont-hurt

Makes me sad for the experiences that many of us had with doctors when we were children.  Our kids can have a much better experience than we did.

Making Summer Work

Summer is a transition out of regular routine.  Are you a planner or not?  How do you make summer a success for you and your kids?  We discuss how we face summer.  Some of us are planners and others are “free range.”  Learn the benefits of both styles and how to find your own style for success.

When a Kid Needs a Cell Phone

When should you give your child a cell phone and what rules should you use with your child? We discuss how to determine when you child is ready and what expectations you should set up with your child.  Check out one mom’s contract with her son.

NOTE:  Since we recorded this show, Bill Gates, the creator of Windows and Microsoft and a god in the technology world, has stated that he gives his children a cell phone at 13 on a limited basis.  So, Nancy chatted with her son and let him know that she isn’t the mean miserly mom.  If the man who can give away 260 BILLION dollars makes his kids wait until they are 13, Nancy is sticking to her guns!

Tricia is BACK!

Original co-host Tricia is back to join us with her wit and wisdom.  She tells us her tale of following her husband’s dream and how it has affected their family.  Learn how and what she is doing now and what life lessons she has learned.

Recovering from a Schedule Buster

Sometimes well-meaning family members come into town and upset our fine-crafted schedules.  We want to spend time with them because they are not with us everyday.  But the aftermath can last long after they return home.  Learn how to keep your kids on a schedule even when family come into town and how to get them back to normal after family have left.

What My Child Needs to Get to College

High school guidance counselor *** explains what our kids really need to be doing to make it to college including what extra-curricular activities pay off and what your child might be doing already that looks good on a college application.  She also explains why more activities don’t always lead to a better application and why some kids need to relax a bit.

Baby Wearing

Shelly and Lindsay discuss various ways to “wear” your baby along with the advantages of each style of wrap.  Lindsay, who has tried them all, explains why some are better than others.

Check out www.wrapyourbaby.com and wwwthebabywearer.com for more information on wraps.

New Baby Changes Family with Older Kids

Claire Lerner chats with Shelly about how adding a 7th child will change her family and how she can help her older kids (ages 8-20) adjust and accept their new sibling.  Claire has a very positive view of what these interactions can teach Shelly’s kids and the lessons the whole family can learn.  Claire is the Director of Parenting Resources for Zero to Three.

What They Don’t Teach in School But Should

Your kids learn a lot in school, but some very important lessons are not taught in school.  Listen as we discuss several lessons that are not taught and how you as a mom can teach them to your children.

For more ideas about what should be taught in school, check out this article on 27 Things They Don’t Teach in School

Baby Signing: A Retrospective

Kathy Irving shares the end of her 2 year journey of signing with her hearing daughter.  Because she works with hearing impaired children, Kathy is uniquely qualified to explain what happened during this time. Their journey of signing is coming to an end with her daughter’s use of verbal language.  Kathy shares how the experience helped her daughter gain a master vocabulary more than 20 times larger than what normal 2 year-olds can speak.

Baby Signing 1, 2, 3 is available in bookstores, on Amazon or from SignBabies.com.  You can even purchase a Kindle version from Amazon.com and from iTunes for the iPad.

Making the Holidays Merry and Bright

LaNae Callihan of It’s Written On the Wall shares simple tips to make this holiday season merry and bright. Her ideas are simple to do and her downloads are free and give you the best gifts for neighbors and teachers as well as our favorite Lunchbox Notes.  She is an accomplished artist and has a fabulous eye for simple design.  Check out her blog and see what you can be doing to make your holidays merry and bright!  All you need is a printer, some scissors and a great imagination!

Taming Your Thought Monster

Katie McClain shares with us how to tame our thought monster and how to help our kids tame theirs to help them have a stronger sense of self and a more positive outlook.  Learn how to conquer those negative thoughts you might be having and ban them from your mind.  Your thoughts are not YOU and you can change your thoughts to change your life.

Learn more about Thought Monsters at www.katiemcclain.com and share your thought monster picture to win on her Contest Page.

Check Out Nancy’s Thought Monster!

Proactive Learning for Proactive Parents

So much of parenting is reacting to a situation causing stress, uncertainty, and sometimes with undesirable results. Wouldn’t it be nice to be pro-active and know what to do before a problem arises? Dr. Andie Weiner explains how you can get ahead of the curve in your parenting by learning NOW skills to to help you with issues that invariably come up in parenting.  To accommodate parents who want to be proactive, Dr. Andie is offering interactive live workshops for parents.

Dr. Andie invites you to attend her Pro-Active Parenting Workshops as she addresses three hot parental topics. In the privacy and ease of being in your own home, join a small, intimate group of parents that like you are looking to become a better parent.

The workshop opens with a 15-minute overview with Dr. Andie offering three to five easy to implement tools to help parents. Each parent will then have an opportunity to ask one question related to her presentation or a family concern on that subject.

Dr. Andie deals with each of the topics with sensitivity, hands-on experience as a therapist, parent coach, and mom, as well as humor – a must for ALL parents!

Hot Topics for Workshop

Under The Influence:
We all want our children to make friends and establish good relationships. Friendships can have great and lasting influences; and both good and bad consequences. Learn how to teach your children how to make friends, maintain positive interactions and how to cope when relationships go awry.

I Love Me. Who Do You Love?
One of the first and most valuable relationships a child needs to develop is one with themself.  Help your children love and accept themselves from body image to dealing with their imperfections as well as their strengths. This is the best gift any parent can give their child!

Devil on My Shoulder:
Of the 60,000 thoughts we create every day, 80% are negative and untrue. These kinds of thoughts can lead to stress, self-doubt, and undesirable behavior. Learn how to understand these untrue thoughts and help your children “weed them out” to build confidence, make better choices, and increase self-esteem.

The Specifics

Conference call-in for 1 hour and 15 minutes

  • September 18   Under The Influence
  • October 16      I Love Me. Who Do You Love?
  • November 13   Devil On My Shoulder

Time: 1:00PM EST (CT 12:00PM, MT 11:00 AM, 10:00AM PST) or
9:00PM EST (CT 8:00PM; MT 7:00PM; 6:00PM PST)


1 workshop    $30.00
2 workshops   $50.00 (save $10.00)
3 workshops   $75.00 (save $15.00)

To join these informative and interactive workshops, complete the application and once registered, look for additional discounts and bonuses!  Click the Link below or go to http://www.drandie.com/

Click Here to sign up for Proactive Parenting Workshops with Dr Andie

Right Brain Parenting

Dr. Andie discusses how to have fun while you are being a parent.  She calls it Right Brain Parenting.  Listen and learn how to get more out of your relationship with your children and have more fun doing it!

Dr. Andie is the author of More than Saying I Love You. This book is one of our favorite books on parenting!

For more information on Dr. Andie, personal coaching or other tips, check out her website!

Let’s Play Music

Stacey returns and shares her adventures with Let’s Play Music, an innovative music education program for children from 3-7 years old that prepares children to be amazing musicians (Nancy wishes she had found this program years ago).

Watch a Demo Video

Contact Stacey staceyplaysmusic@gmail.com