Imaginary Friends

New research shows that imaginary friends continue longer into childhood than previously thought. Claire Lerner, Senior Parenting Strategist at Zero to Three, discusses why older children may have imaginary friends.  She also discusses what an imaginary friend can do for your child and how you should react when your child tells you that she has an imaginary friend.

Toddlers Establishing Independence

ShellyHenryShelly and Clarie Lerner (our favorite guest from Zero to Three) discuss why Henry is acting up in Australia and how Shelly can reframe the situation to see that Henry is not being defiant.  It isn’t really a Terrible Two thing either.  This is a time with toddlers begin to explore their independence.

Also, Claire and Shelly discuss how the move to Australia could trigger other feelings in Henry.  They also discuss how Shelly’s other kids are adjusting and why Shelly’s oldest child in Australia is experiencing the same feelings that her youngest is experiencing.

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Note: This show is much longer than our regular shows but packed with amazing information.  We will take next week off for Thanksgiving.  Please give thanks for all the great people in your life!

Handing Comments about Your Child with Special Needs

Claire Lerner discusses how to help your child deal with uncomfortable comments.  Even though we focus on children with Special Needs, these skills work for all kids and can help your child be prepared for those times when people are less than kind.  Listen and learn!

New Baby Changes Family with Older Kids

Claire Lerner chats with Shelly about how adding a 7th child will change her family and how she can help her older kids (ages 8-20) adjust and accept their new sibling.  Claire has a very positive view of what these interactions can teach Shelly’s kids and the lessons the whole family can learn.  Claire is the Director of Parenting Resources for Zero to Three.

Dating after a Divorce

We speak again with Claire Lerner from Zero to Three about dating after divorce.  She shares ideas on how to gauge your child’s readiness for meeting a parent’s new partner and ideas of what information kids can handle and what is too much.  If you are a single parent and are ready to date, this show is not to be missed.  This show was originally broadcast on  Babies and Moms: Birth and Beyond

How Stress Manifests Part 2: To Label or Not with Claire Lerner

Our discussion about Stress with Kids continues with Claire Lerner as we discuss whether or not it is good to label your child and how to help your child without making a big issue of your child’s needs.

This is Part 2 of a 2 Part discussion.

How Stress Manifests in Children Pt 1

Claire Lerner discusses a listener’s question about her daughter who seems to have back-tracked in potty training after some stress.  Like kids of any age, stress often doesn’t manifest itself in ways we would expect, but in ways we can’t understand at first glance.  Listen and learn so you can diagnose stress in your kids.  Stacey gets the gold star for having the answers for this listener’s question!

This is part 1 of a 2 part discussion.

Carving out Family Time with Claire Lerner

We talk with Claire Lerner about how computers are invading our families and how to set some guidelines to make sure we spend enough time interacting with more than just our virtual family members.  This show is filled with great ideas on how to deal with the onslaught of media coming at our precious family time.

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