Carving out Family Time with Claire Lerner

We talk with Claire Lerner about how computers are invading our families and how to set some guidelines to make sure we spend enough time interacting with more than just our virtual family members.  This show is filled with great ideas on how to deal with the onslaught of media coming at our precious family time.

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How to Find Good Movies, Books, Apps and More

As a parent, it is often a challenge to know if a movie, website, book, song, or app is appropriate for our children at their specific age.  And how do we talk to them about things like Facebook?  We discuss what we find useful to help us choose for our children.   One resource we discuss is Common Sense Media.  Others include Squeaky Clean Reads and Good Reads if you have friends you trust who have posted books in their list.

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Dealing with the Digital Nation

We discuss  how technology is changing the lives of our children.   Our kids are growing up in a world where technology is natural and necessary to survive and thrive.  How is this changing our children’s brains, temperaments and learning styles.  Watch the entire PBS special at Digital Nation.