Forget Stranger Danger Think Tricky People

Mom told you not to talk to strangers.  But she really should have told you to watch out for Tricky People! Pattie Fitzgerald, creator of Safely Ever After, discusses what we really should be worried about and how to arm our children so they are ready to face Tricky People.  Her website and books teach kids that they are the boss of their body.

Traumatic Brain Injuries on the Rise

According to the CDC, concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in children increased 60% in the past decade.  We talk with Alexis Carroll, mother of a young man seriously injured in a skateboarding accident about how the decision to take off his helmet changed both their lives. This is a cautionary tale for every mother with tips to help you keep your child safe when riding, boarding, scootering, or skating.

Check out the local news story on Alex and Alexis:

Check out the Facebook Page for Alex’s progress:

Empowering Kids to Deal with a Hyper-sexualized World

As never before, our society focuses on a person’s looks and sexuality.  From seemingly innocent ways to devastatingly manipulative ways, children are exposed to sexuality at younger and younger ages and in much more in-your-face ways.  How do we equip our children to deal with everything coming at them? Dina Alexander, President of Educate and Empower Kids, explains what we need to do as parents and where we can get the resources we need to raise future adults who have a healthy understanding of sexuality and the amazing blessing it can be when approached appropriately.

Check out for more resources.  Check out the 30 Days of Sex Talks books on

The Psychology of Weight Loss

Does emotional eating sabotage your ability to enjoy a healthy weight and keep it off? Do you eat when you are bored? Depressed? Anxious? How about when experiencing too much stress or when you are feeling a need to reward yourself?  Chances are that your emotions are feeding your appetite for overeating and you are an emotional eater. We chat with Dr. Denise Wood, Doctor of Clinical Psychology and co-author of
Psyched to be Skinny.  We discuss how to identify your emotional eating patterns and what you can do to help stop emotional eating so you can achieve a healthy weight and keep it off for life.

Are you ready to change your relationship to food? Are you ready to have more control over your emotions and become happier and healthier? Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off? If you suffer from emotional eating you will find the help, support and answers you are looking for.

Free 12 Week Course: Fitness for the New Year

Shelly Zumba picsmallAre you ready to start on the first week of this super simple, totally doable, powerful plan to give your life a kick in the health? Check it out.

This is Shelly’s FREE and EASY Plan. She created it because she has seen people struggle with where to start for too long.  Many people don’t know where to start or aren’t even aware of what habits are unhealthy. She wants to empower you with simple, practical guidelines that will set you in a great direction.  The goal is to be in control of your health by the New Year but you can do this any time. This isn’t a “diet” but a way to establish the habits you need to get yourself on track to healthy living.

Let’s do together!

Shelly Parcell

Postpartum Health

Did you know there is more to having the baby than HAVING the baby?  What you do right after birth can affect your heath for the rest of your life.  Marianne Ryan, Physical Therapist and Clinical Director of the MRPT Physical Therapy clinic in Manhattan discusses what women need to do after having a baby to avoid chronic back pain or pelvic dysfunctions that can appear later in life.

Lunch Solutions

LunchWeekFreezerLunch boxes don’t keep your child’s lunch cold enough and you don’t have time in the morning. SOLUTION: Making Lunch on the Weekend and Freezing Them! Nancy explains how she makes fun lunches for the entire week including snacks and fun stuff in an hour or so on the weekend.

Nancy’s Tips to Make a Week of Lunches Ahead of Time and So They Stay Cold:

  1. make all sandwiches at once and freeze them in freezer paper  (if mayo—put in the middle between layers of meat). You can even cut shapes out and freeze them.
  2. bake and freeze cookies or muffins, then take some out everyday
  3. freeze yogurts or applesauce(even pudding freezes fine)
  4. freeze water bottles
  5. freeze cheese sticks so they stay cold
  6. cut up fruits and veggies and put in containers in the fridge
  7. make bags of dry goods that can be added quickly to lunches

MissingPieceWith everything already cut up, frozen and ready, you can just grab things in the morning for your kids!  Making lunches takes seconds this way.

Other things to check out:

PBJ Sushi RollPBJ Sushi–the TOTAL hit at lunch in Elementary and JR High

  1. Roll the bread thin and flat with a rolling pin.
  2. Spread the peanut butter on the bread.
  3. Add a slice of banana and a small amount of jam.
  4. Roll the bread tight (try to keep the jam in the first time you roll so it doesn’t spread further.
  5. Place the sushi rolls in the freezer uncut.
  6. Cut them when you make lunch.

PBJ Shushi

Since you have extra time, some days you can make some fun lunches

AngryBirdsLunch ShaunTheSheep



Is it Your Hormones?

Nancy has been struggling after her hysterectomy with her hormones.  So we are bringing back a show from Babies and Moms Birth and Beyond for those moms who might be struggling with weight and not know it could be hormonal (despite what your GP will tell you).

Dr. Vaughn Johnson shares how our hormones can affect us and how even young women can have hormone issues (this is not JUST a menopause issue).  Millions of women are misdiagnosed and live with symptoms of miscarriages, depression, tiredness, irritability, weight gain, hair loss, and more just because they have a simple-to-fix issue. Nancy has a lot of experience with this topic!



Green Cleaning

After a family member’s baby received a diagnosis of liver cancer, Tricia decided to clean her house of all chemicals when the doctor told her family that they should get chemicals out of their lives.  Learn about how Tricia has done this and how the last 4 months have changed her family.

Learn more about Norwex cloths from Tricia
See her site or watch this

Preparing a Child for Surgery

When your child has to have surgery, how can you prepare them so it is less stressful for them and YOU! We talk about what to do before the day of surgery and what not to do as well as how to make the transition easier.

Additional Information:  Here is an article Shelly found about how one doctor helps children deal with pain during surgery.  It shows what doctors can do when they approach children with pain management techniques.

Makes me sad for the experiences that many of us had with doctors when we were children.  Our kids can have a much better experience than we did.

Running when Pregnant

Runner Julie Thomas discusses how things change when you are pregnant and if you can keep running.  She is the mom of 6 children and trained for marathons while pregnant.  Shelly, our Zumba instructor co-hosts asks all her questions about how to run when pregnant.

Skiing as a Family

Nancy and Lindsay discuss how to get the entire family into winter sports like skiing–both downhill and cross country.  Don’t stay locked inside the house this winter–get out together and enjoy an amazing, healthy time together.

Learn more about skiing lessons at Sundance Resort on our Sundance Ladies Day page. Learn about the 5th and 6th Grade Ski and Snowboard Passport.

Check out Lindsay and Nancy conquering the mountain!LadiesDayGroup

Germiest Places in Your House

Where are the places that a cold or flu pass most easily in your house? It might surprise you that the salt and pepper shakers are one of the biggest culprits in your house. Did you know that your credit cards could be giving you more than airline miles with every swipe?  And you might not know that your shoes could me making your family sick.  It isn’t just enough to wash your hands this season.  Listen to learn more and then check out these resources:

Taming Your Thought Monster

Katie McClain shares with us how to tame our thought monster and how to help our kids tame theirs to help them have a stronger sense of self and a more positive outlook.  Learn how to conquer those negative thoughts you might be having and ban them from your mind.  Your thoughts are not YOU and you can change your thoughts to change your life.

Learn more about Thought Monsters at and share your thought monster picture to win on her Contest Page.

Check Out Nancy’s Thought Monster!

Gluten Free A Fad or Something to Do

Stars are touting gluten free.  Should you consider going gluten free?  For Nancy, it was a good option.

If you are looking for a cookbook that will make it easy to have those treats you are missing, check out the No Excuses Gluten Free Cookbook.  The treats in this book taste like their gluten inspirations.  You can give these treats to anyone and they won’t be able to tell that they are gluten free.

Our position is that gluten free is not as important (unless you have Celiacs or are Gluten Intolerant as Nancy is) as getting all the processed foods out of your diet and eating things that are natural and fresh!

Lunchbox Love with Real Food

Making lunch for your kids seems daunting sometimes, but giving them wholesome real food for lunch is one of the best things you can do–especially since school lunch programs in the US are very unhealthy.  Before you get overwhelmed and throw in the towel, listen to some great ideas that will have you making stellar lunches.

Idea Tips:

Tool Tips:

  • Use your Cookie Cutters/Sandwich cutters at Wal-Mart/Dollar Store, Lunch Punch
  • If you have a Japanese store near you, they have cool stuff (Daison and Itchi Ban Kan); shape cutters
  • Get a few types of containers (Ziploc three compartments, KlipIt Sandwich and Salad at TJMaxx, get small containers, save food-safe containers)
  • Create a place for all your lunch supplies in one place (containers, cutters, love notes, little treats)
  • Silicone cupcake cups make great dividers
  • Dress it up with toothpicks (you can make or purchase)
  • Good cookbooks: Deceptively Delicious and the Sneaky Chef
  • Here is a list of good supplies

Time Tips:

  • Think Ahead: dinner into lunch; cook on weekends
  • Make Ahead: freeze muffins, oatmeal bars, cut out bread and freeze, freeze complete sandwiches; cut out cheese shapes, eyes,  applesauce, spaghetti, meatballs, even cupcakes and cake pops
  • Buy/Make your love notes ahead of time has the cutest lunchbox notes; file by topic
  • Buy/store staples you can use in a crunch (sugar free applesauce; crackers, fruit leather, etc)

NOTE: If you are looking for a GREAT site with tons of wonderful ideas, is my new Go-to site for fun ideas.  The site has the best lunch box notes and way more–all the best ideas on the web are here! Check them out!

And here is a sampling of the lunchbox notes: