Learning to Play an Instrument as an Adult

Think it is too late to learn an instrument?  Lindsay is living proof that it isn’t.  She takes lessons from Tricia.  Nancy and Shelly learned to play guitar as adults (Shelly much better than Nancy).  We discuss what it takes to learn an instrument as an adult and what it can give to your soul to take on the challenge.

Ukuleles: The New Cool Instrument

Jason Mrantz plays one, so why can’t you or your child? The Ukulele is not the instrument of large Hawaiian singers anymore (thanks to one very large Hawaiian singer named Iz Kamakawiwoole).  Ryan Taylor of UkulelePlay.com discusses how to select and instrument and how to learn to play.  It is one of the least expensive instruments while still being one of the most fun and interactive instruments.  With ukes starting at $30, there is no excuse not to bring music into your family’s life. Maybe you will all learn to play–the family that ukes together sticks together!

Looking for songs and chord charts or even classes and bootcamps?  Check out Ryan’s site for more information.  UkulelePlay.com

Personal Note:  Alex got his Uke and he LOVES it.  We had issues with him learning chords on the classical guitar, but playing the uke, he has embraced chords and is learning strumming patterns.  It has been a blast.

Let’s Play Music

Stacey returns and shares her adventures with Let’s Play Music, an innovative music education program for children from 3-7 years old that prepares children to be amazing musicians (Nancy wishes she had found this program years ago).

Watch a Demo Video

Contact Stacey staceyplaysmusic@gmail.com

Suzuki Music Lessons–What are They?

TruAnn Boulter, Suzuki violin teacher, discusses what the Suzuki method is and how it might work for you and your children interested in taking music lessons. Suzuki uses the Mother Tongue approach.  Learn what this is.

If you are looking for a Suzuki teacher, check out the Suzuki Association www.suzukiassociation.org. If you are in Utah, you can check the Utah site at www.suzukimusicutah.org/.