When to Discuss the Birds and Bees

You might need to have that talk sooner than you think.  Diana Ruschhaupt of the    Ruth Lilly Health Education Center shares timing, tips and resources for you to make the discussion easier on you and your children.  Also check out the resources she recommends:

Books By Lynda Madaras

Website: KidsHealth.org

Girls: The Care and Keeping of You

Teaching Preschoolers Joy with Joy School

Not found a preschool yet or looking for something more than the ABCs?  Want your child to be emotionally ready for school? Nationally acclaimed author Linda Eyre discusses how to teach children joy using the Joy School program.  Both Stacey and Nancy have had children in Joy School and found it to be an amazing experience.  Learn why!

AND–We were nominated for the Best of Salt Lake 2010 as the Best Resource for info for Moms!  Whooo Hooo!

For more information on Joy School, go to JoySchools.com and for more on Values Parenting programs, go to ValuesParenting.com.

How to Find Good Movies, Books, Apps and More

As a parent, it is often a challenge to know if a movie, website, book, song, or app is appropriate for our children at their specific age.  And how do we talk to them about things like Facebook?  We discuss what we find useful to help us choose for our children.   One resource we discuss is Common Sense Media.  Others include Squeaky Clean Reads and Good Reads if you have friends you trust who have posted books in their list.

You can also check our list of summer reads for Boys Only! http://www.themompodcast.com/2010/06/27/summer-reading-fun/

Book Clubs for Boys Only

Boys sometimes have a harder time getting interested in books.  One way to solve that is to start a book club for boys only. Laura Blum, mother of 4 and reading advocate, discusses how she turned her reluctant readers into great readers and how you can too!

Check out her site and some great ideas at http://bookclub4boysinfo.blogspot.com/2008/12/start-book-club-for-your-boy.html

UPDATE:  Nancy’s son and his friends met for the first Boys Only Book Club and about 50% of the kids showed up, but they had fun and Barnes and Noble was very accommodating to help them choose books.  They chose Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians.  They will be meeting every 3 weeks over the summer to get them interested in reading.  They also joined the Barnes and Noble reading plan, the Borders reading plan and a local library reading plan that all give freebies to kids who read.

When Parents Parent Differently–Keeping the Room Clean

What if your partner’s parenting style differs from you?  Should you intervene or not? Maggie Stevens, author of Parent Fix,mom of 5, shares her down-to-earth parenting tips with us. We talk specifically about what to do if parents differ in how clean a child needs to keep his room.

Attachment Parenting

Amy Webb, mother and creator of The Thoughtful Parent, discusses Attachment Parenting.  Amy has a PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences and loves to be a translator for parents in sharing research-based parenting information with those of us without PhDs!