Success in Weight Loss–It’s All In Your Head

Tricia and Nancy discuss how to lose weight.  Both women have lost large amounts of weight (70+105 pounds) and have changed their lives.  Tricia is currently in the midst of her weight loss journey and is changing her life (70 pounds and going strong).  She shares the reasons for her success and she and Nancy talk about what is most important when you decide to change your body and change your life. Nancy shares her journey to lose 105 pounds and her journey back to lose the 30 pounds she gained after surgery and recovery.

The Psychology of Weight Loss

Does emotional eating sabotage your ability to enjoy a healthy weight and keep it off? Do you eat when you are bored? Depressed? Anxious? How about when experiencing too much stress or when you are feeling a need to reward yourself?  Chances are that your emotions are feeding your appetite for overeating and you are an emotional eater. We chat with Dr. Denise Wood, Doctor of Clinical Psychology and co-author of
Psyched to be Skinny.  We discuss how to identify your emotional eating patterns and what you can do to help stop emotional eating so you can achieve a healthy weight and keep it off for life.

Are you ready to change your relationship to food? Are you ready to have more control over your emotions and become happier and healthier? Are you ready to lose weight and keep it off? If you suffer from emotional eating you will find the help, support and answers you are looking for.

110 Pounds and Counting

Lisa Elrene of 110 Pounds and Counting explains how she lost 110 pounds and how she has kept it off for 4 years.  She and Nancy discuss Nancy’s weight loss and how Nancy can deal with the changes to her life.  If you have lost weight or want to lose weight, listen so you can learn key points for success over the long haul!

Nancy’s weight loss is over 100 pounds. Here are pictures of her at the same air show 3 years apart.  You can read more about Nancy’s weight loss at the Green Smoothie Girl Website

Dark Side of Weight Loss

Losing weight can have a dark side and we discuss how losing over 100 pounds has had some consequences Nancy never intended.  How people relate to her and how she relates to herself are not what she expected them to be.  If you have lost weight and struggled to keep it off, listen because some of the answer to why might be in this discussion.

Live the Life Weight Loss Highs and Lows Part 1

Losing weight is hard and sometimes we stop trying for reasons that may or may not be worth it.  Hear how to overcome stinkin thinkin and get back on track.  Stacey kindly shares her struggles and lets Kristi lead her in a Breakthrough.

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Look for Part 2–some incredible material is in Part 2 as well!

Fit Moms: Live the Life

It’s been three weeks now so how is Live the Life going for Nancy and Stacey and what have they learned? Have they lost any weight?  Do they feel better? Listen and learn to the tips and advice that they have after using Live the Life for a while.

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Get Energy and Lose Weight for Good

The creators of Kristi Approved, a program that includes all of Stacey’s rules for getting healthy and losing weight, chat with us.  If you are struggling to get back you body, listen up and learn how to Live the Life.  This show is packed with 7 Keys for Success and how you can start right now using the Life the Life FREE 7-day start plan.

The MOM Podcast hosts will be using this program and will be reporting on their successes in upcoming shows.   If you are interested in this topic, email us and join our Fit Moms discussion by email.  We email to each other with results every Friday.

Also–looking for the link to that site we mentioned–The Frugal Girls?  Here it is (don’t forget the “the”).