Squeal of Approval

We only list products we have tried ourselves and love.  Because we really love them, we give them our Squeal of Approval. Check out the products.

My Memories Suite (Electronic)Buy Now at 25% Off!

My Memories Suite is the absolute BEST way to scrapbook–And it is CHEAP too (and we even got a better deal for our listeners)! The cost is about what you will spend at the scrapbooking store buying all those cute papers that sit in your drawer while you wait to get your digital pictures printed and write your journal entries for the pages.  Instead, keep it all digital and move your digital pictures right into the templates and tools that My Memories Suite provides.  Then, print them out as single pages or books  or use them to create a custom website, movie that you can send through email or even a DVD (and you can do ALL of that with the same file).  You can even add sound and video to make an interactive and fun memory of your family life.  We did it and we are totally hooked.

Live the Life

Life the Life is weight loss program that includes all of Stacey’s rules for getting healthy and losing weight.  The program includes 7 Keys for Success.  It is nothing “new” but what is new is the way it s put together and how it helps you.  The creators, Kristi and Trish, have thought of everything you need to be a success. You can start right now using the Life the Life FREE 7-day start plan to see how it works.  Nancy lost 20 pounds and finally broke through her 2 year weight-loss wall (she was exercising and eating well-balanced meals the entire 2 years).

Lilly Mae Bags

We love the little purse that slings across your shoulder or around your waist and fits just enough in it for moms on the go–whether you are at the playground, the amusement park, the grocery store or the gym, it is perfect (no more hiding your cell phone in your bra because your pants don’t have pockets big enough—yes we’ve done that too!). Check them out at www.lillymaebags.com

Sign Babies ASL Flash Cards

Sign Babies ASL Flash Cards were created by show host Nancy Cadjan when she was signing with her son.  The flash cards include the 100 signs that babies and moms need most.  The flash card pictures help baby learn to recognize common objects, actions, and emotions. Use the cards individually as you learn the signs. Or, make your own personalized book by placing cards in a photo album. The ASL sign and hint on the back side helps you remember the sign. Signs include MILK MORE EAT PLEASE THANK YOU and many more.

Baby Signing 1, 2, 3

Baby Signing 1, 2, 3: The Easy-to-Use Illustrated Guide to Every Age and Every Stage is the answer to all your signing questions. Learn how to sign with your baby at every age and every stage. This new book covers your child’s physical, emotional, mental and linguistic development at every age and how signing fits in to the picture. If you are starting to sign with your baby at 4 months or 14 months, this book tells you how to do it and gives you activities to help you and your baby learn to sign quickly and successfully. Check it out and let Nancy know what you think about her book.

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