Privates are Private

Tricia and Nancy discuss what to do if your child is showing his privates.  How do you handle it and what can you do to help your child understand that Privates are Private?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t freak and if you do, don’t show it.
  2. Figure out what is going on.
  3. Very young kids can seem immodest and may display curiosity about other people’s bodies and bodily functions.  These can include touching women’s breasts, wanting to watch when grownups go to the bathroom, wanting to be naked (even if others are not) and showing or touching private parts while in public. They are curious about their own bodies.
  4. When you are ready and they are ready, ask open-ended questions (and they are old enough to answer)
  • What were you doing?
  • How did you get the idea?
  • How did you learn about this?
  • How did you feel about doing it?
  1. Have a general discussion about what is private and what to do if someone invades your privacy.

Some causes for concern:

  1. Actions beyond their developmental stage (or language)
  2. Actions with threat or aggression
  3. Actions between kids of very different ages

Our Past Show for kids who are a bit older:

LINK: More Info on Sexual Development and Behavior


Everyone Needs Therapy

Nancy and Tricia discuss how therapy can change the way you mother and what therapy has done for them at different stages in their lives.  They discuss finding a good therapist, what to discuss with the therapist and surprises that happen in therapy.

Worried about getting therapy? Today’s therapy is life coaching.  No more Freud and no more laying on the couch.  Therapists give you tools to use in daily life and other ways to look at the situation you are in.  With these tools, you are better-prepared to handle the tough stuff.

Packing in Carry-Ons Only Even with Kids

We Nancy and her kids are taking a 2 week trip in carry-on luggage only. Think it’s impossible?  Tricia can’t pack for a weekend in anything less than a large suitcase.  But Krista Paul, VP Content Marketing at eBags, explains tips and tricks to get the most out of carry-on luggage. You will be surprised at how much you can actually take using these tricks.

Nancy and her kids are packing their clothing and Anna’s big blanket using the eBags Packing Cubes. Below you can see all their clothes packed up as well as Anna’s blanket and the bags they are taking with them. Nancy is in purple, Alex is in blue and Anna is in green (one for her and one for her blanket).  Then check out the packing tips below.

All our clothes and one big blanket


Anna’s big blanket packed in the eBags Small Packing Cube

The bags we will carry–nothing else!

Other Great Travel Finds

I will be using the SHOLDIT and the Limber Stretch to secure things like passports, credit cards and phones.  Pick Pockets won’t know where to find our valuables!

NOTE:  I said that one version SHOLDIT baby carrier–OOPS.  It is a nursing scarf and has the pocket I like so much.

Using the Shouldit for my credit cards and passport

Using the Shouldit for my credit cards and passport

Not My Body! But Using Limber Stretch

Not My Body! But Using Limber Stretch

Travel Suggestions from Nancy and Krista


  • Each passenger gets 1 carry on and one personal item (and one bag for toiletries) but maybe you don’t need them
  • Decide if you need roll on or backpack
    • If you have to walk, think backpack
    • Roll on for kids (consider one with wheels that go all ways so they can push it instead of pull it) if you don’t need to walk
    • If you have a baby, you can wear a backpack and a baby carrier/sling
  • Make sure you measure the bags to ensure they will meet airline requirements (some airlines are more stringent)
  • Use your day bag as your personal item for the cabin and include:
    • Things to do, snacks, sweater or shawl (it’s cold on a plane)
    • Change of clothes for small children
    • Sanitizing wipes or spray
    • Electronics for easy access
    • Important documents


  • Pile everything you are going to take and take things out (get really critical)
  • If you have time, wear what you are going to take and see how it works (if you are going for a week, wear your items for a week and see if you actually wear it all).
  • Do a rehearsal run of packing and carrying/wheeling your luggage. If you have kids, involve them. Have them carry their bags or if they are small, practice holding their hands with your luggage
  • Keep jewelry simple
  • Find out if you can do laundry at your destination or bring a sink plug and a rope so you can wash things in your hotel room with a bar of detergent like Fels Naptha (no liquids)
  • Pack clothes that wash easily and dry quickly. If not, you might want to change clothes.
  • Americans wash clothes way more than people do in other countries. Wash only the important parts (stains and private areas).
  • Think Layers not bulky sweaters/jackets (if it’s a cold destination bring thermals).


  • Invest in the little sizes or the bottles you can transfer your creams and shampoos to (and label those).
  • Remember the 3-1-1 rule
  • Bring meds you need in bottles with prescription.
  • Limit makeup.
  • Bring makeup remover wipes instead of a liquid (you can pack it in your carry on instead of in the 3-1-1 bag

Packing Techniques

  • Wear your heaviest shoes and clothes on the plane
  • Rolling? /Cubes?


  • Use electronics that do double duty (camera/phone; reader/video player/game console)
  • Pack one electronic per person
  • Bring plugs/converters for your destination plus a power strip (most destinations never have enough outlets)

Consider shipping to your destination or buying things there

  • Ship diapers from Amazon Prime to your destination
  • Make a run to the store when you get there

Other things

  • Foldable Water Bottles
  • TSA Locks so they can get in your bag without ruining your lock


Read about Extreme Packing: One Bag for a Family of 4 for 21 Days in Europe

Their guidelines:

  • One, at most two, changes of clothing
  • Basic hygiene items
  • One (small) comfort item per child
  • One electronic device



Beverly discusses the joys and struggles of adoption.  She has adopted babies at birth as well as adopting older children.  She has also adopted in the US and Internationally.  Her experiences will help you decide if adoption is a possibility you should explore.

She gives guidance and tips on how to find an adoption agency and how to make adoption work with your family dynamics.  She also discusses how to know if you are ready to adopt.

Taking Kids Out of School for Travel

Nancy shares her exciting news about an upcoming trip and how to take kids out of school for travel.  Some school districts fine parents for taking kids out and others just don’t like it.  There are ways to make a trip work for both your family and your child’s classroom.

What to consider first:

  • Know what your child’s School Policy is and how you can work with it.
  • Ask yourself how is your child doing in school and can they make up the work?
  • Ask your child how she feels about missing school.  This may not be the right time for your child.
  • What grade is your child in? Earlier grades are easier than when it counts in High School.
  • What time of year is it? Time travel when it is close to a break or not during important testing time or semester finals.

Some tips to help in taking your kids out of school:

  • Talk to the teacher(s) before you plan the trip and Ask them. Talk to the Principal as well.
  • Go in with an Educational Plan (why the trip is educational) explain to teachers they history, geography, language arts, and science your child will learn.
  • If necessary, make plans to cover topics missed—not just homework so that your child is caught up with the rest of the class.
  • Keep the amount of school missed short and if you can’t make it short, make a really good pitch.
  • Remember you are your child’s main educator and if you feel the trip will be educational, take it.

Making the Pitch:

  • Show how your Child will be Learning
  • Quantify the Results
  • Make it benefit the Class

Changing the Community

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 6.22.24 AMMindy Gleason, a mother not afraid to open her mouth and speak for change, discusses how she is making a difference for children in her community and how you can find the courage to make a change in your neighborhood or city.

Mindy is the mother of two amazing girls.  Her oldest, Presley, has a rare disease causing her to be in a wheelchair and on a ventilator.  Presley is incredibly social and loves to be with her friends. Because of her issues, Presley has a hard time finding parks where she can play.   She is always stopped by wood chips and park barriers.

Mindy was inspired to approach the City of Orem and ask for changes at a local park, but the park idea has gone much further.  Now the City of Orem is building an All-Abilities park where children of all abilities can play together.  Listen to Mindy’s story of triumph and her advice on how to make something happen in your community

static1.squarespace.comLearn more about the All-Together Playground and how you can donate to this amazing cause.

Embrace Life

Mindy Gleason, mother extraordinaire and proponent of a positive outlook, describes how she met the challenges in the darkest part of her motherhood journey and rose above the pain to embrace life and learn wisdom we can all use in our daily lives.

Mindy is the mom of two amazing girls.  Her daughter, Presley, is an inspiration to people all across the globe.  Take a look at their amazing journey over these past 6 years and where they are now.  We can all learn to allow our children to soar from the flight that Mindy and Presley have taken.

And remember to share this show and the links to the Vote for Presley campaign so she can win a bike for her special needs.

Unstoppable Today

Have you heard the song by Sia called Unstoppable? On my way up to Sundance Ladies Day today, I head this song for the first time.  Call it fate, but that prepared me for something big.  In the words of the song, I put my armor on, I’m unstoppable today.

Sundance ‘s longest Black Diamond is called Bishop’s Bowl.  It is intimidating because when you start at the top, you can’t see the bottom.  It’s not the length, but the slope of the mountain that is intimidating.

But thanks to my totally awesome Sundance Ladies Day instructor Lisa who would not listen to our whines of “I can’t do that,” our entire group of ladies conquered our fear and were unstoppable today! She let us know that we would be doing Bishop’s early on in the lesson and some of us were hesitant, others were down-right against it.

Before the run of our lives, we had some good runs working on our technique and we had almost forgotten about Bishops. Sitting on a lift, we passed over an extremely scary track only wide enough for 2 skis (if you fall, you fall down a double black diamond run). Several of us said out loud, “I am NEVER doing that.” Lisa just smiled.  Then when we got to the summit, she announced we were skiing Bishops.  Two ladies were excited and two ladies were terrified (guess which group I was in with my leg in a brace still from my daughter’s panic attack getting off a lift a month ago)?

As we were skiing over to the top of Bishop’s, one of the other ladies said, “I’ll just go over and look at the run with you and then I am walking back.  You can ski it and I will meet you at the bottom.”  She was determined that there was no way she was going to ski this monster.

So in typical Sundance Ladies Day fashion, we all grouped together to help her overcome her fears.  And, believe me, it is intimidating to look over the side of a mountain and see nothing below you and THEN decide you will ski off of it. Lisa explained that we did not need to ski the entire thing at once–just a bit at a time like eating an elephant.  That got me down past the slope of no return.  Then we waited for the other ladies.

IMG_0765The woman who was determined to walk back, was stuck at the top.  Another woman said to her, “I’ll stay behind you because if I go and you are last, you will walk back and you can’t do that.”  She sacrificed her first run of Bishop’s to help her Ladies Day friend.  The rest of us stood clinging to the side of Bishop’s cheering her on.

We made it to the bottom and then we had to traverse a section of the run on a track–the same one we had seen from the lift and had said we would never ski.  Together, we all conquered our fears and made it through the track.

The track runs into another black diamond run actually steeper than Bishop’s (but shorter and you can see the end).  By that time, I figured I had survived the worst,I could complete the run.  The woman who had encouraged our struggling friend had her own issues on this run.  But we all encouraged her and helped her and we all did something amazing! We were Unstoppable Today!

That’s the magic of Sundance Ladies Day .  It can’t be duplicated with private or group lessons.  When we came together in January, we were a group of women who didn’t know each other.  Our skiing abilities were similar with each of us having strengths and weaknesses.  But over the course of Ladies Day, we bonded and we were able to help each other.  When our greatest fear faced us, we were unstoppable because we trusted our instructor and we trusted each other. Lisa christened us The Bishop’s Bowl Babes!  We took this picture AFTER the run and see we are all smiling!

So in the words of Sia: I put my Ladies Day armor on, show you how strong how I am, I’ll show you that I am Unstoppable today!  Chicks on Sticks Rock!  I feel powerful and invincible and ready for the next life challenge on or off the slope.

#chicksonsticks  #sundanceladiesday #sundanceresort

Self Compassion

Katie McClain, author of How to Tame Your Thought Monster, discusses how we can have compassion for ourselves when we feel a pain deep within ourselves.  Self-compassion allows us to give ourselves the comfort that a good friend would give us.  Using the findings of Dr. Kristin Neff, Katie has created Kind Cards to help us walk through the process.  She works through the process with Tricia.

Be compassionate to yourself and have a listen!

Back to Black

Top GunI missed three weeks of amazing snow, but today, I was up there again!  I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for Sundance Ladies Day , so I went up to try my knee and meet the Ladies after Ladies Day for a few runs.

The knee happily held with the brace on, so I decided to try and find the ladies.  Sundance is on a mountain that was named after a native American princess called Timpanogos.  Today, the Princess helped me find my fellow Snow Sisters.  I was led by her spirit right to their location on the mountain (if you have ever searched for someone at a ski resort, you know it is almost impossible to find them while they are skiing).

When I found them, the ladies excitedly told me that they had done 2 black diamonds.  I was so impressed.  Then Lisa, our instructor, looked at me and said, “Now it’s your turn.  We are going again and you are coming.”  So I went.  Who can deny Princess Timpanogos or Instructor Lisa. IMG_0392

AND . . . it was amazing!  It was actually easier than I had imagined.  I had Black Diamonds hyped in my head as one of the runs in a Warren Miller movie.  Don’t know what a Warren Miller movie is?  Check this out.  As a woman, it is way easier to ski with other ladies.  It was so clear to me today that I tried the run because my friends were with me (sorry hubby).

The black run I skied is called Top Gun.  I could hear the Top Gun music in my head. So glad no one had to say “Speak to me Goose.”

I made it!  And now I am Back in Black!

P.S.  That is not a low-lying cloud.  That is the valley inversion. YUCK. IMG_0396 copySo glad I got fresh air in my lungs, Vitamin D in my body and natural Prozac for the soul!

#chicksonsticks  #sundanceladiesday #sundanceresort

Raise the Child You Got Not the One You Want

Your child is born with inherent attitudes and traits (their CoreSelf).  Nancy Rose, author of Raise the Child You Got Not the One You Want explains how understanding a child’s core traits can help us see our children for who they are and not what we want them to be.  From this position of strength and leadership, we can help direct them to be productive and well-balanced adults.

We discuss how to mitigate conflicts when a parent and child have opposite CoreSelf traits and how to guide behavior when a CoreSelf trait may cause issues.  Finally, we discuss how we can change our language and attitudes about our children’s CoreSelf traits so that we don’t describe their core traits as negative (inflexible vs. consistent; lazy vs. energy conservationist).

Co-host Nancy and her family used the CoreSelf checklist to understand each family member’s CoreSelf traits and this has helped family interactions and has led to better ways to deal with challenging behaviors (in both parents and children).

Check our our previous podcast on Understanding Your Child’s CoreSelf. Download the CoreSelf list for yourself at Nancy Rose’s website (you sign up for her email and the link is sent to you–just know you don’t get spammed or get too much email–I haven’t gotten any additional ones).

If you have older children, it is a great experience to have a family meeting and have each member mark their CoreSelf traits on their own paper and then discuss them together and how these traits help the family or can be improved.

Check out Nancy’s videos on her blog. These explain the 9 traits of the CoreSelf.

It Finally Happened

Since I began to ski, my biggest fear hasn’t been tumbling head-long down the mountain.  It has been falling off the lift.  Well, it finally happened after 5 years.  But it wasn’t my fault.

My daughter has a wicked sense of self-preservation.  I guess that’s what kept this 4 pound preemie alive.  We got on to Flathead lift–the small one and I sensed she was nervous so I tried to calm her fears.  I guess I had not done a good job. When we went to get off the lift, she put out both arms in fear.  I did not see her and I tried to stand up.  Next thing I knew, I had landed hard on the packed snow with one knee twisted the wrong way.  UGH!

With some cursing, I got up and asked her what she was thinking.  She just shrugged.  So we skied off.  My bum and my knee hurt a bit but it wasn’t too bad.  The day was not a stellar ski day and conditions were very windy so after 4 runs, we left.

By the time I got home, the adrenaline had worn off.  Coming out of the shower, I almost collapsed when my knee gave way.  To make a painful story short–a strained MCL and a bruised tailbone.  No last Ladies Day class for me.  BUMMER.

But I am going to be back on the mountain at Sundance in a few weeks if I take good care of the knee.  Got my brace on and my smile in tact.  Can’t miss the most EPIC ski season ever. I’ll see you on the mountain!  #sundanceresort #sundancelaidesday #chicksonsticks


Can You Hear Me Now that You had a Baby

Did you know that having a baby could ruin your hearing?  It’s not from the screaming child.  Listen and learn how Tricia learned about otosclerosis and how having 4 children helped her to lose hearing in one ear.  And learn how a doctor solved her problem.  Can She Hear Us Now?  Listen and find out!

For more information on otosclerosis, check out this site.  As soon as Tricia meets with her doctor for her follow-up and gets more information about other resources, we will post them here.



Seeing the Fruits

Today was one of those days when everything comes together. After a week of being sick and having to help a family member having surgery, I was worried that I had nothing left in the tank. But the day dawned beautiful and clear—one of those days that groomer girls love.

So we packed up the car and the kids (my daughter and her best friend) and we headed up to Sundance.   I left my cares back in the valley. My fears about skiing are almost all gone (except thinking about moguls, deep powder, and black diamonds). This is my season to cement the skills I have been gaining over the past few years.

IMG_0647-1Today, I could feel the rails, feel the movement, feel the groove. It felt good. Class, as always, was uplifting and educational. Lisa gave great feedback and it was fun to see the other women progress so quickly. Watching them ski helps me understand the theory I have been learning all these years and why we should not do something (like drop our pole behind us).   I am now reaping the fruits of the seeds planted during previous classes.

And the fruit is tasty. Look at those smiling faces. Can’t you just see what a great time we are having?

And then the day got even better! My dear friend Kristi took my challenge this year and decided to learn to ski. But I haven’t been able to ski a run with her yet. We hooked up and headed up to the first stop to ski together. Then, she introduced me to Margaret, a woman from her Never Ever class.

Margaret, it turns out, learned about Ladies Day from my blog! She had googled ladies ski classes and found my story and a bit of inspiration. WHOO HOO! I’ve had other people tell me that they read the blog and it influenced them to ski but it was so much fun to have my Never Ever Kristi introduce me to Never Ever Margaret who read my blog. And boy could these ladies ski. We didn’t go down the easy front mountain run. No, these ladies took me to a back trail that I have been on several times. It was a bit torn up and challenging but they did great and we had so much fun skiing together!

Thanks Margaret for reminding me why I blog and podcast about Sundance Ladies Day and skiing in general. It’s time to get out and do something that challenges you and gets you moving. Take the chance and you will see the fruits of your labors too! And maybe you will be lucky like I was to be able to share those fruits with amazing ladies. They sure taste better when they are shared together.

#chicksonsticks #sundanceladiesday #sundanceresort

Gaining Confidence in Myself

ChicksOnSticksThis is my fifth year skiing and the snow is incredible.  You know it is Epic when Sundance has more snow than Snowbird.  It really has been amazing.  But that is not the only reason this is an Epic season.  As always, Sundance Ladies Day is incredible.  It is fun to ski with my friends and learn.  But this is the first year I feel confident in my skiing.  I see a huge improvement in my confidence.  I know what I can do and I trust my skis.  Some real learning is happening because I trust myself and my skis this season.

What I am learning is that skiing is 90% in your head and 10% in your body.  OK, I have been told this many times, but I think it is sinking in.  At least a bit.  I’m hard headed it may take more time, but for now, I am beginning to understand that the key to a good ski day is confidence in myself.

Isn’t that the way it is with everything in life?  It’s 90% confidence and 10% ability.  Not to discount ability and a good teacher, but it takes confidence to implement what you learn.   That is where Ladies Day is incredibly helpful.  When I ski with my family, I am worried about my kids, about the mountain, about what my husband thinks of my skiing, and so on.  At Ladies Day, I am not thinking about anyone else but myself.  I can concentrate on my skills, my reactions, and my friends (we laugh all class long and that eliminates a lot of stress too).   I have a chance to try my skills in a controlled environment with a teacher who helps me understand a better way to ski.

This season, our teacher Lisa has helped me with my confidence and has let me know what is going right.  I did not realize how much that would help my skills.   After 5 years of learning, just having someone who is not related to me tell me I am doing things well has really helped.

Today was a wonderful day.  Conditions were just right and so was my attitude.  Each run was fun–even the tougher ones.  This was a great gift because I need confidence.  I can feel the confidence in skiing translating into other areas of my life.  There is something about standing at the edge of a mountain and looking down at it and knowing you can ski it that translates into confidence in other areas.

I can’t wait to strengthen my confidence this season along with my abilities.  Come join us and strengthen your confidence! Chicks on Sticks RULE!

#chicksonsticks  #sundanceladiesday #sundanceresort

Epic Start to an Epic Season

The year I learned to ski had to be one of the worst snow years on record. I learned on sheer ice. Every lesson, I wondered to myself “Why do people like this so much?” But then, I realized that an entire industry could not be built if the activity was not fun. So I plodded along. The first day of actual powder was like a revelation. I finally understood why people traveled great distances and spent so much money to throw themselves down a mountain.

Well, if that year was the worst snow year on record, this year is the most epic snow year ever. With more snow in one week than in that entire first year, this has been amazing. And that makes learning to ski for the first time so much easier. And it makes learning to ski powder a must.

Chicks2016This year for Ladies Day, I brought a few more Never Evers. One of them, my dear friend Kristi has lived in Utah her whole life and had had one ski experience as a teen. It was one of those “dates” where the young man takes the girl to the top of the mountain and says “I’ll see you at the bottom.” Kristi ended up walking down the mountain and she never went back up (or out with that guy).

After 2 months of convincing her, she finally gave in and came with me to Ladies Day. Today, she had her first experience on skis.   And it was glorious! She loved it so much! Class wasn’t enough. She wanted to ski more and longer. WOOO HOOO! Just the experience I wanted her to have. Check out those smiles!

As for me, this is probably the season I learn to powder ski. Until now, I have been a groomer girl. I love my corduroy groom tracks with a tiny dusting of powder on the top. But the deep stuff has always scared me. Thinking about trying to turn in that powder has made me cringe. The few times I have tried powder have left me wiped out. Today was no different. 12 inches of snow and my first Ladies Day of the season wiped me out. However, I learned a few things:

  • I need to relax in powder and not let it get to my head
  • When you ski powder, you have to ski like you are on a glass table and not press down into it but rather ski on top of it

I’ll get there this season since there is so much powder. This is my year to learn.

The Epic Season is off to an Epic Start. Contact me if you want to ski with us in February or March. It is not too late because with a 60 inch base and counting, this looks to be the best ski season ever.

Our Top Picks

We discuss our top picks for products and stores and more.  Here are the links to the products discussed:

Note: This show was recorded before the holidays.  We did not get it posted.  Sorry that some of the references are pre-Christmas.  The products are still amazing and some of the same deals can be had.

59 inches and Counting

10445499_10153705257567597_4471772102934270553_nThis winter is blessing Sundance. The #prayforsnow campaign is working!  In the past few days, almost 5 feet of snow has fallen.  Ladies–we can’t miss this epic season!  Come and ski with me!

We are going to ski on Thursdays and it will be AMAZING! My first year of skiing, I learned on ice. So if you have ever wanted to learn, this is the year. Don’t let all the snow deter you!  They groom for those of us who are Groomer Girls.  And on Thursdays, we have the mountain to ourselves so no crazy teens to bug us.

And if you wanCECE76758AC204C97ED8648C50AEF1439D3FACCCB845C590D6pimgpsh_fullsize_distrt to learn powder skiing, this is your year.  It is going to be wonderful and when we fall, it won’t hurt!  I may have to purchase some powder skis and a snorkel!

Contact me at and join us!

Flying with Kids: Insider Tips

Pamela Gann, a mom of 2 and former flight attendant discusses tips for flying with children.  She is the author of Flying with Kids: Insider Tips and Tricks from a Flight Attendant Mommy.

We discuss:

  • how to get through Security
  • flying alone
  • car seats on planes
  • packing tips
  • traveling with infants

Pam is a long-time listener.  We loved talking with her!